Xbox One Almost Doubled US Revenues In June


NES Classic Mini was the best selling console in June in the United States in terms of units, while PlayStation 4 was the one with the best revenues throughout the month. What about Xbox One, anyway?

According to NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella, Xbox One had a great month in June, too, almost doubling the revenues the platform had in the same month last year. Which should be due to the increase in S models sold thanks to the cheaper price tag and the release of the more expensive X model.


“Xbox One HW dollar sales nearly doubled in June 2018 when compared to a year ago, while Switch sales jumped over 50%. PS4 HW dollar sales were also higher. Dollar sales of all other hardware grew more than 23x vs YA, driven by NES Classic and the SNES Classic,” said the analyst on Twitter.

Remember that this is as far as we can go in terms of Xbox One sales data, as Microsoft has stopped revealing them quite a while ago. The new policy is that they only talk about Xbox Live users as they focus on fan engagement now.

It’s clear that Xbox ‘lost’ the console war this generation by a huge amount of units, but it’s good for Microsoft to end the gen with as much momentum as possible so they can start the next in a good shape. Are they managing to do so?