“Xbox One Is A Bit Sh*t,” Says Jim Sterling

Xbox One has been the most controversial console out there this generation, as it had a very slow and confused start before Phil Spencer jumped in, and tried and fixed all the things that were not working.

Anyway, all this effort doesn’t seem to have been good enough, because according to popular youtuber Jim Sterling the console is still “a bit sh*t” and one which doesn’t apparently deserve your hard gained money.


“Everyone knows the Xbox One is a bit rubbish. Deep down, we all know it, and it’s because Microsoft thinks too much like a publisher,” Sterling says.

“Microsoft thinks like a third party AAA publisher, too many microtransactions in games, need to make compelling games to incentivize platform ownership like Sony and Nintendo, instead of making games to be profitable in their own rights, Xbox One is redundant and a bit sh*t.”

You can check the full video below. It is worth remembering that Microsoft is changing a lot of the systems at the inside of the Xbox division, and even announced the acquisition of five new developers for Microsoft Studios, so the effort is there although it’ll still require few years to be fully deployed and tangible.

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