Xbox One Has Sold Less Than 30 Million Units Since Launch, According To EA


Electronic Arts has provided us with more official sales data about the current-gen consoles, which is always something relevant as Xbox One sales data haven’t been officially released for years now.

According to EA, which disclosed the data during a Q&A with investors and analysts, Xbox One has sold only 29.5 million units by December 31, 2017. It’s a very, very low estimation that put it even behind the likes of GameCube and Nintendo 64, two consoles which are overall considered commercial failures.

Xbox One Sold Just 30 Million As Of December 2017

Also, while Microsoft doesn’t make public any of the sales data about Xbox One, it was generally considered that the console should have sold around 33-35 million units, basically half the units moved by PS4 (which is officially at 73.5 millon).

Interestingly, Nintendo Switch will sell – always based on the information gathered by Electronic Arts – 30 million units by the end of the calendar year, which would be a huge amount but below the official 38 million units target.

This means that in just one year Nintendo Switch could get even higher sales in comparison with what Xbox One has managed to do since 2013, which would be quite a shock for Microsoft supporters around the world.

In your opinion, is there still a chance for Xbox invert the trend already at the upcoming E3 2018?