Spencer Confirms Xbox One X 2 At E3 2018, says “Deep Into Development”

At E3 2018, Microsoft showed lots of games – it was a great show overall (in my opinion it was the best E3 conference in the history of Xbox), but games was not the only thing Phil Spencer and the team focused on. When the press conference was about to end, Phil Spencer appeared on the stage and started talking about how Microsoft will continue to push the boundaries of gaming, team Xbox is already working on the future of gaming AI, Cloud Streaming for games on any device include smartphones.

Xbox One X 2 Confirmed At E3 2018

And lastly, Spencer revealed that the hardware team at Xbox is working on a brand new console, in fact, he used the term “deep into development of the next Xbox console” (Xbox One X 2).

There have been a lot of reports on the internet about the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles releasing in 2020. Today’s announcement (about new Xbox console) from Phil Spencer surely gives a lot of credibility to these reports/rumors. Fasten your seat belts Xbox fans, we might see a new Xbox console reveal at E3 2019 or E3 2020.