Xbox One X Is Top-Selling Premium Console In US Holiday Season


Microsoft revealed at company’s quarterly financial conference call that Xbox One X was the top-selling console in US Holidays beating PS4 Pro in the race. CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood shared details on the console performance and key points about gaming business. Nadella mentioned Xbox One X was the top-selling premium console in the Holiday season.

Xbox One X

Xbox One X was launched with a bang and promises to deliver high-end gaming output on 4K grounds. With highest hardware config, this powerful console is able to beat PS4 Pro in the race. Nadella assured that Microsoft will keep on offering innovative features to attract high-value gamers, those who are searching for an immersive 4K gaming quality. He further added to extend a broader subscription service on the grounds of Game Pass and provide extended gaming services to various other platforms like PC, mobile.

e added later that growth of PC gaming is a growth prospect for Microsoft. Through subscription offer and streaming PC and console can have common grounds to serve, also there are chances of adding mobile platforms to the party. This showcase Microsoft broad view for gamers, and in terms of subscription and streaming service, it will be a valuable feature for console users to get a unified platform to enjoy games.