X019 Details Revealed, ‘Biggest’ Inside Xbox Episode Coming Up


Once again, Microsoft will be traveling to a select location to celebrate all things Xbox.

During today’s Inside Xbox broadcast, the company revealed details on its upcoming X019 event, which will take place in London from Nov. 14 to 16 at the Copper Box Arena. Tickets are expected to start going on sale next week on Oct. 1.

But more importantly, there will be something for those who are unable to make the event. Microsoft will broadcast the X019 online, so fans can tune in and join the fun.

Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb revealed on Twitter that the event would be host to the “biggest episode” of Inside Xbox to date. That means new reveals, updates on current games, and a lot more.

Tickets for the event will start at £19, but proceeds will go to help out a “fantastic charity” we learn about sometime over the next few weeks.

Mixer is also expected to have a “physical presence” at the event, supporting its community of thousands of streamers. And, as expected, Mixer will also be the official host of the streaming activities, though fans can also tune in to the Xbox channels on YouTube and Twitch. What’s gone on before, Mixer users will likely receive bonus goodies for tuning in for some of their favorite games.

More details on the event are available here on Major Nelson’s official blog page. Those that are interested may want to go ahead and start setting up their travel plans now. Otherwise, keep tabs on the Mixer Xbox page and prepare for a big November event.