Rumor: Halo: Infinite set as Xbox Scarlett Launch Title, Console Supports 8K/120FPS, and Releases Holiday 2020 | E3 2019


Microsoft might have lost their big surprise for E3 2019. There’s a rumor going around that they’re going to unveil their next console codenamed the Xbox “Scarlett,” and it’s going to be incredibly powerful.

Here’s the tweet where we’re receiving the information.

The source is saying that the Xbox “Scarlett,” is going to support 120fps, it will have 8k capabilities, and it’ll have the ability for backward compatibility to all of the generations of Xbox consoles. If this is what Microsoft plans to reveal for their conference, they may have done the exact thing they needed to do to walk away from E3 with a solid win.

We could expect to see the console launch during holiday 2020, with Halo: Infinite as a launch title. Given Microsoft’s recent tweets over the past few days, this might be what they’ve been hinting at to their fans.

All of this is a rumor until Microsoft walks up in their conference and confirms the information. We’ll learn more during Microsoft’s conference, which kicks off at 1 PM PST, 4 PM PST, and 9 PM BST. You can check out their conference on their Twitch or YouTube page.