Leaks Suggest Xbox Scarlett Will Launch Early November 2020

Xbox Scarlett Reportedly Launching November 6, 2020

According to a supposed leaker/insider, Microsoft’s next generation console, code named Project Scarlett, could release Nov. 6, 2020. Microsoft previously confirmed that the next-gen Xbox will release Holiday 2020, and this date fits into that window, albeit at the very beginning of it.

An early November release would be interesting because it suggests Microsoft could be willing to release its console earlier than Sony’s announced next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, which is also confirmed for a Holiday 2020 window.

A few weeks ago, a separate leaked suggested Sony might be considering releasing the PlayStation 5 even later than the usual mid-to-late-November window, reportedly for technical and logistical reasons. That leak suggested an early December shelf date, giving Microsoft a full month to convince gamers to choose its new system. The timing also allows for Black Friday deals on the new Xbox, which the PS5 would miss entirely, if all reported leaks turn out to be true.

However, as always, take leaks with a grain of salt as we wait for official reveals from both Sony and Microsoft.