Xbox Lockhart Reportedly Shelved Because Of Development Issues


A few hours ago we reported about the Xbox Lockhart model, the cheaper one in the Project Scarlett, rumored to have been shelved. Those rumors have popped up on the Internet as soon as the console was not mentioned at all at E3 2019, and even Phil Spencer said in interviews that the company is now focusing on just one next-gen console.

However, multiple reports have arrived on the internet over the last few moments, with sources claiming that there was a particular reason for Microsoft to get rid of the less specced next-generation model. As shared by Thurrott’s Brad Sams, it was causing problems to developers.

“Developers were having a harder than expected time creating next-generation games that spanned across two systems with various specs. As you might expect, developers were putting a focus on making games that would run well on the lower-end device first and then scaling them up to the higher-speed, Anaconda,” said Sams.

So, this would have caused a “performance and visual disadvantage” on the most powerful of the two models, since developers on Xbox would’ve built their games on Lockhart and then ‘ported’ them over the most potent Anaconda, which would have never received ‘native’ titles to show its true potential.

Digital Foundry has also backed this version in a recent video, where it claims it has heard the same at E3 2019, with developers sharing that it was a “pain in the bum” to work on two models at the same time and that this decision was genuinely holding the real power of Anaconda back.

Finally, Sams also reports that Microsoft is now convinced, thanks to “the progress made on xCloud and its ability to bring high quality, low latency gaming to any device,” that streaming would be the best solution for a cheaper entry into the next generation of gaming, and that Lockhart would have even been “an obstacle” to xCloud going forward.