Xbox Scarlett Specs, xCloud Integration Rumor Hint at Two Very Powerful Next-Gen Consoles


“Multiple sources” have reportedly shared information about Xbox Scarlett’s specifications with Windows Central, confirming that Microsoft would be working on two different next-generation consoles codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart.

Lockhart is the lower-end next-gen console reportedly in the making at Xbox, which was believed to have been shelved after it skipped E3 2019 but has returned in recent rumors. It is said to be equipped with a four teraflops GPU and an eight-core CPU, same as Anaconda, but a little slower.

Four teraflops is around the same power as PS4 Pro and two teraflops less than Xbox One X. However, Lockhart would be releasing with SSD, newer CPU, and proprietary optimizations that would still make it run faster than the current mid-gen upgrades.

Anaconda is reported to boast a 12 teraflops GPU with an “around 3.5GHz” CPU that would feature “vast improvements to caching, new silicon architecture, and other general bespoke, proprietary optimizations” in comparison with Xbox One X’s.

RAM would also come with significant improvements compared to current-gen consoles. It has been reported that Anaconda would be equipped with 16GB GDDR6, 13GB of which dedicated to games, and 3GB to the operating system. NVMe SSD is adding more to that as it is going to be used as virtual memory.

Xbox One X has 12GB GDDR5, 9GB of which focused on gaming efforts.

SSD will help reduce “to mere seconds” load times. Windows Central is reporting one more exciting detail about speed. “The inclusion of Project XCloud across all Xbox systems will allow you to start gaming via streaming while waiting for games to download locally.”

Project xCloud is Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, now available in public preview in the United States, Korea, and the United Kingdom, featuring 50 Xbox One games you can play on Android smartphones and tablets. It will be coming to Western Europe and Canada, with Xbox Game Pass support, in 2020.

Both the Project Scarlett consoles would finally improve Xbox One games’ performances, especially with those titles featuring unlocked frame rate and dynamic resolution like Monster Hunter World. This process would not require patches to be worked on at developers nor downloaded at your home.

Microsoft has not provided any statement on this new rumor, so we remind you that things could change when Project Scarlett consoles get revealed in 2020. Last week, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier reported that Scarlett and PS5 will come with “similar” raw power, and both will be “very powerful.”