Xbox Scarlett Won’t Be At X019


X019 is about to air at 9pm CET, or 12pm PT if you prefer, and we do know that it is coming complete of a lot of news about the Xbox world. It’s a community event for the Xbox fans, so we weren’t anticipating anything different if you ask us.

It seems that when Microsoft said that the Inside Xbox coming tonight would be the “biggest” of the entire season, they were tremendously serious, at least from what we’ve learned thus far thanks to teasers and leaks.

It’ll feature:

As you can see, there’s a huge amount of news coming at X019, and you shouldn’t miss the event because it looks like everyone will get something good for their tastes. Something even unexpected like that third person adventure from the creators of Sea of Thieves.

By the way, there’s something that won’t be at X019, and that something is Xbox Scarlett. In a tweet shared with a fan, Aaron Greenberg, GM at Xbox games marketing, has revealed that the console won’t be there and that 2020 will be all about next-gen instead.

X019 will be all about the games, he said, and we don’t have issues in believing that looking at the slate of the stuff that is going to be announced there. And hopefully, there are still surprises that we’ve haven’t gotten to look at through the leaks.