Xbox Series S reportedly best selling console of Black Friday 2021

It’s a surprise, but also not really.

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Image via Microsoft

Black Friday is a major event for software and hardware every year. As consumers gear up for the holiday season, Black Friday sales and bundles are when corporations can expect a major bump in sales. One year after the start of the ninth-generation of consoles, it sounds like Microsoft made out with a big win.

According to a report from Business Insider, the Xbox Series S was one of the top selling items at this year’s Black Friday. Their information comes from the Adobe Digital Economy Index, an analytics suite from Adobe that bases its analysis on over one trillion visits to retail sites across the United States.

This may come as a surprise to some as the PlayStation 5 has been hitting major sales milestones even in the face of supply issues. Similarly, others might expect a cheaper Series X to rank up there with the Series S, but multiple factors could be impacting the Black Friday turnout. The Xbox Series S is already the cheapest entry point into current-generation gaming, making further deals or bundles enticing for some. There is also the matter of availability. You’re more likely to walk into a store and find a Series S in stock than a PS5 or Series X.