Xbox Series X Back Reportedly Featuring A Single HDMI, Two USB-A Ports

Xbox Series X Back Reportedly Featuring Two USB-A, A Single HDMI Port

A report from Thurrott reveals that the back of Xbox Series X will surprisingly feature two USB-A ports and a single HDMI port.

Earlier this week, AMD had shared a mockup of the next-generation console from Microsoft, but that picture was quickly debunked as Xbox still doesn’t have a definitive plan for the back of the Xbox Series X. The tech firm reckoned the mockup was indeed a render acquired from TurboSquid.

Talking to “several insiders,” Thurrott was reportedly able to obtain more specific information about the current state of the back of Xbox Series X, which we’re told could change in time for the release of the platform by the end of 2020.

“As it stands right now,” the console’s back is featuring:

  • two USB-A ports “of the SuperSpeed variety”
  • one Ethernet port
  • a single HDMI port
  • an optical audio port
  • a power connection port

The current state of the console is also coming with another port that “may be used for debugging,” but the sources haven’t agreed on its actual use at the time being. It looks safe to state that it would not be coming in the final SKU.

These ports are reportedly located on the lower half of the hardware so that even the back of the device has “openings for air intake.” The set-up should grant, together with the openings on the top of the console, a suitable temperature when playing games.

It’s surprising to see that a 2020 device is adopting USB-A ports when the tech industry is moving to Type-C faster and faster. It could be that the prototype currently in the hands of developers is featuring them just as a placeholder, though, and that things might change with the release of the final model.

Xbox Series X has debuted at last December’s The Game Awards, featuring a trailer which turned to be so impactful that its slogan, “Power Your Dreams,” has even been trademarked. It’s launching by the Holiday together with Halo Infinite, it was revealed at last year’s E3.