Project Scarlett Console Revealed, and It’s Now the Xbox Series X


We’ve seen a few surprises thus far during The Game Awards, including a new No More Heroes III trailer and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC. But now, we have the Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful console out there.

Phil Spencer, the executive vice-president of Gaming at Xbox, came out during the show tonight to reveal a first look at the console, as well as confirming its official name. We also got to see the first demonstration trailer for the hardware.

Meanwhile, here’s a closer look at the Xbox Series X console, which resembles what appears to be a tower PC. The specs weren’t given on it just yet, but more than likely, we’ll find out just what kind of horsepower it has. Based on the footage we’ve seen, though, this should make the Xbox One X look like a PlayStation console.

Xbox Series X

Here are the official statistics, straight from Microsoft:

  • Fastest, most powerful Xbox ever made and will lead the next generation for the Xbox brand as their flagship console
  • Devs around the world already are building games for it
  • All fifteen XGS studios are developing exclusive games as we speak

It began with a quick reveal of gameplay glimpses, featuring teases for Forza Motorsport (possibly 8), Halo Infinite, and other games.

But then we got the confirmation for Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, which is the very first introductory title for the Xbox Series X. From what we’ve seen, the cinematics is very lifelike, but we haven’t seen any gameplay just yet. All the same, it looks pretty amazing. We’ll be posting the trailer story.

Check out the trailer for the Xbox Series X below, and prepare for the future when it debuts in holiday 2020.