Microsoft’s Strategy For 2018 And Beyond: Buy New “Timed and Full On” XB1 Exclusive Games


According to the Danish development studio, Flashbulb games, Redmond house is trying to buy new exclusives for the Xbox, valuing between independent titles and AAA games, from both small and large third-party game developers.

XB1 vs PS4 In 2018 - Microsoft Buying Timed and Full On Exclusive Games

They stated on ResetEra forum: “Without going into too much detail, I know for sure that Microsoft has got their cheque-book out and are actively seeking out both smaller and larger titles they can get as an Xbox exclusive, both timed and full on.”

Microsoft, along with the existing internal development teams, is also trying to try to attract more third-party developers without discriminating they are indie game devs or AAA game devs, with the use of its “Chequebook”.

This is not the first time Microsoft is following this strategy. Few past examples are Ryse, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dead Rising 3 and 4, Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead were made possible, thanks to its cheque-book.