xCloud is coming October 2019 | E3 2019


Xbox finally announced that their streaming service, xCloud is coming out later this year after months of speculation.

With both console streaming and the ability to bring the games with you wherever you go, players will have access to thousands of titles wherever they want to play.

Of course, the Xbox Scarlett which will come out during the Holiday season of 2020, will be the optimal way to use the streaming service, but PC will also be the receiving the service. Details on smartphones and other platforms have yet to come out. There is a pretty strong chance that the service is coming to Nintendo Switch in the future.

Game Pass will be available on xCloud, along with many other services are going to get announced as we draw closer to the launch of the program. We know Microsoft has been testing xCloud across mobile devices and PC over the last year, so details regarding how the service will be used on both of those platforms along with Xbox, in general, will likely be detailed in the coming months.

Microsoft’s xCloud service doesn’t have a price yet, but it will be available in October of this year. It will directly compete with the recently revealed Google Stadia, which it might beat to market as we don’t have an official date outside of Fall 2019 from Google; however, it is presumed to launch sometime in Nov. with a confirmed price of $10 per month.

Depending on if Microsoft launches xCloud with a good bundle for Game Pass, they might already have a substantial lead over Stadia in their streaming content.