Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s new game plus mode delayed until March 2

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Xenoblade Chronicle 2’s latest patch, the new game plus mode, has been delayed until March 2.

A major bug that was found in the update data was the main reason behind the delay, with Monolith Soft currently needing additional time to fix everything.

The new game plus mode has been one of the game’s most requested modes since Xenoblade Chronicles 2 launched late last year. Currently, when a player completes the story, they are taken back to their previous save point so they can refight the end-game boss as many times as they like.

This method, however, restricts the player from replaying a lot of content as some nations, such as the Indoline Pratorium, are inaccessible near the end of the game. This forces players to restart the game to revisit it, losing all their progress in the process.

Players will be able to keep all of their Blades and progress from their original game when going into new game plus modes. Players will also gain access to exclusive weapons only available in new game plus.