New game plus coming to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in the next update

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be getting one of its most requested modes as a free software update next month.

Nintendo has confirmed that the game will finally be introducing a new second playthrough game mode, also known as a “new game plus” mode, sometime in mid-February.

When players complete the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 story, they are be taken back to their previous save point when they reload the game. This allows players to refight the end-game boss as many times as they like, but it also restricts the player from replaying a lot of content.

Nations such as the Indoline Pratorium are inaccessible near the end of the game, so a player will be unable to visit this nation unless they start the game from scratch.

The game also has only one save file, so players do not have the option to keep their progress and Blades if they choose to start over.

In theory, a new game plus option would allow players to keep what they have collected during the game. They would then return to the beginning and play against newly scaled enemies and challenges.