Twitch Bans xQc

Taking some time away from the Alinity drama, another popular Twitch streamer earned a temporary ban. Felix Lengyel, xQc, was banned for three days for violating Twitch’s terms of service regarding pornographic content.

xQc isn’t new to temporary bans. Usually, they’re the result of his persona’s toxic rage during Overwatch matches. That rage is what earned him such fame, or infamy, depending on who you talk to. With over one million followers on Twitch and a place on Canada’s official Overwatch League place, his gaming and streaming career is doing well.

This ban, however, isn’t from the typical childish rage he displays during games. Reported by Dextero, instead of the usual gaming stream, xQc was streaming his reaction to a video titled “Safe for Work Porn” where any adult content is censored in a cartoonish way. The offending video had a brief moment where male nudity was not covered. This resulted in a ban.

Of all the bans xQc has gotten, this is probably the silliest among them. The ban only lasts for three days, so he’ll be back to his regular streaming schedule soon.