Yakuza 0 PC Error: Fix Crash Issue, Poor Audio Bug, Unlock Save Anywhere Feature


On August 1, SEGA released Yakuza 0 for PC via Steam. Sadly, the launch was not smooth for a few PC players. There are multiple reports on the internet regarding the performance issues: Crash at launch, Audio Issue (Poor/Muffed Audio), and many others. The development team via Steam has announced that they are reading all the feedback from the players and work to fix most of the performance issues is already underway. Thankfully, few community members have come to the rescue and have listed some Temporary Fixes for some of the performance issues.

Yakuza 0 PC Error And Fixes - Crash, Audio Bug And More

Yakuza 0 PC Error And Fixes

In this guide, we have listed the Fix [Community Fix/Temporary] for Yakuza 0: Crash At Launch Issues, Poor Audio, and Where To Find SAVE ANYWHERE functionality.

1: Crash At Launch

In order to fix Yakuza 0 Crash at launch issue, you need to verify the integrity of your game files. If you continue to experience the issue then you will have to EMAIL your “dxdialog” and “graphics.ini” files to the development team at “[email protected]”. Your graphics.ini should be at this location: C:\Users\[%your user name%]\AppData\Roaming\Sega\Yakuza0

2: Poor/Muffled Audio

There are multiple fixes available for Yakuza 0 Poor Audio issue. Try out all and let us know in the comment section below which one worked out for you.

Poor Audio Issue Fix 1:

  • Step 1: Go to C:\Users\[%your user name%]\AppData\Roaming\Sega\Yakuza0
  • Step 2: Open audio.ini file
  • Step 3: Look for “AudioMode” option. It will be set to 0, you have to change it to 1. In short, you have to change “AudioMode=0” to “AudioMode=1”
  • Step 4: Change “StereoMode=0” to “StereoMode=1”

Poor Audio Issue Fix 2: Crackling Audio And Stuttering Issue

According to the multiple reports on the internet, Yakuza 0 Stuttering and Crackling Audio issue are related to the FPS (Frame-Rate) at which the game is running. If you are playing the game with V-Sync Disabled then you will see the FPS jumps to +200 figure (you can check the FPS by enabling the frame-rate visibility in the setting menu). Here’s how to fix it – all you have to do is cap the frame-rate at which the game runs. You can do that via GPUs software or via game’s files. Check out the steps provided below.

  • Step 1: Go to C:\Users\[%your user name%]\AppData\Roaming\Sega\Yakuza0
  • Step 2: Open audio.ini file
  • Step 3: Set these two options are set to 1 – StereoMode=1 and AudioMode=1
  • Step 4: Save and Exit
  • Step 5: Now open graphics.ini file
  • Step 6: Here you have to change two parameters: V-Sync and Frame-Rate. Please note: It is possible to change V-Sync in-game and via graphics.ini file, but for FPS – you can change it via graphics.ini only.
  • Step 7: Set VSyncEnabled=1
  • Step 8: Set MaxFPS=60, NOTE: you can set this option to 30 also.
  • Step 9: Save and Exit

This should fix your Crackling Audio and Stuttering bug in Yakuza 0.

Poor Audio Issue Fix 3

In-game Master Volume Setting is also said to be one of the main culprits behind the Poor Audio issue in Yakuza 0. To fix it, you have to set the in-game Master Volume to 100%. According to the details we have received from few of our readers – the lower the in-game Master Volume the worst audio/sound will be in Yakuza 0. Here’s how to set in-game Master Volume to 100%.

  • Step 1: Go to C:\Users\[%your user name%]\AppData\Roaming\Sega\Yakuza0
  • Step 2: Open audio.ini file
  • Step 3: Set MasterVolume=”1.000″, where 1.000 is equal to 100%
  • Step 4: Save and Exit

Yakuza 0 - Change MasterVolume Setting To 100%

3: How To Unlock “Save Anywhere” Function

The “Save Anywhere” feature in Yakuza 0 can be unlocked via Setting.ini file. Follow the steps provided below:

  • Step 1: Go to C:\Users\[%your user name%]\AppData\Roaming\Sega\Yakuza0
  • Step 2: Open setting.ini file
  • Step 3: Change SaveAnywhere=0 to SaveAnywhere=1
  • Step 4: Save and Exit

This will enable: Save and Load option in the in-game PAUSE MENU.

4. Yakuza 0 High Resolution Textures

Yakuza 0 has two different models for major characters. One is for the gameplay and one is for the cutscene. The gameplay texture are lower quality while the one you see in the cutscene are of high quality. There is a mod that will merge the cutscen textures with the gameplay one. You get even high quality textures throughout the game with this. After adding this mod files you will see lot of improvements in the characters faces and tattoos.

For merging the cutscene high quality textures from cutscene to the gameplay models you will need to download mod files. Below are the two download links. The mod will replace the textures offering you better quality. Just download from any one location below and extract the files. And then copy them in “media” folder of game’s root folder. Replace the files and done.

Download Mirror 1 / Download Mirror 2Tips Source (Steam)

PLEASE NOTE I advise you not to SAVE your game while you are in combat or while you are on a story mission. There have been multiple reports on the internet about players not able to Load this saves, they come across an infinite black loading screen as they try to load this saves.

What you can do is – Keep One Save Slot for regular PayPhone Saves, and save your progress from time to time. This will help you eliminate the danger of losing all your progress accidentally.