Yakuza: Like A Dragon Announced, Has Turn Based Combat, Set In Yokohama


SEGA has announced Yakuza: Like A Dragon, or Yakuza 7 in Japan, Korea and China where it’s releasing on January 16, 2020, for PS4. The game is coming in the Americas and Europe later next year, and you can watch the brand new trailer with lots of story and characters details below.

Not only this is the first title in the series not to feature Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima, but it’s also wholly changing its combat system as it’s coming with turn-based battles just like you’d see in a proper JRPG.

The game “uses a ‘live command RPG battle’ system that combines the series’ signature action with an RPG command system,” reads the Japanese press release, via Gematsu. “It has evolved into a system in which anyone can easily enjoy exhilarating battles.”

“In this completely new battle system, Ichiban Kasuga and his party will fight by selecting techniques with various effects such as attack, recovery, support, and more. Enjoy immersive and dynamic battles against all sorts of enemies.”

The story has our new protagonist, the yakuza Ichiban Kasuga, from a third-generation family of the Tojo Clan, the Arakawa Family, getting arrested in 2001 and being released in 2019. He returns to his home at Kamurocho, but then discovers of having been betrayed and gets shot; he only awakens hours later at Isezaki Ijincho, in Yokohama.

The new area is “more than three times the size of Kamurocho in Tokyo. In Yokohama, where every place has different faces, a grand story will unfold,” so it’ll help make the game feel new even though it’s in the same universe and even carrying the number 7 in Asia.

Check the trailer below for a more in-depth idea of what’s to come with Yakuza: Like A Dragon.