New Pokémon Yamper and Impidimp revealed for Sword and Shield | E3 2019


Two new Pokémon were revealed in the playable demo for Pokémon Sword and Shield at this year’s E3.

On Serebii’s Twitter, the Pokémon news website release screenshots of two previously unrevealed Pokémon in the Sword and Shield Demo. The two Pokémon are Yamper and Impidimp.



Yamper appears to be a corgi Pokémon, while Impidimp seems to be based on an imp. A later tweet by Serebii reveals that Yamper is an Electric-type Pokémon, and has a new ability called Ball Fetch. According to the description available, Ball Fetch allows the Pokémon to pick up the first Poké Ball that fails to capture the wild Pokémon. This ability only works if Yamper is not holding any items.


Impidimp is a Dark/Fairy-type Pokémon. Currently, it isn’t known what kind of special abilities or moves it has. Yamper was actually one of the leaked Pokémon from a 4Chan user who has been getting everything right. The user predicted the Wild Area, names of the Gym Leaders, and even predicted several Pokémon that would be announced.

They wrote about an electric corgi Pokémon that scare Wooloo, similar to how Sheepdogs herd sheep. However, he did get the name wrong. The leaker labeled the Pokémon as Pamper rather than Yamper. This could be a misspelling or a Mistranslation since the leaker was right about it being an electric corgi.

Basically, at this point, the leak is most likely true.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are slated to release in November 15.

Source: Serebii