Yoko Taro says NieR is “finished” in tongue-in-cheek festive video message

The series’ famously unusual creator sent out a light-hearted holiday message to fans.

Image via Square Enix

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Game creators don’t come much weirder than NieR’s Yoko Taro. The famously bizarre mind behind the Drakengard and NieR series has always had a penchant for the unusual, such as wearing a huge spherical mask when in public to avoid having his face photographed. This festive season, though, he delivered a light-hearted Christmas message to fans alongside series producer Yosuke Saito and composer Keiichi Okabe (his mask stayed on, though).

In the video, shared on the official NieR series Twitter account, the trio look back on the 11 years since the first NieR’s release, joking around about aching shoulders and considering what the future may have in store for them. At one point, Saito asks Taro whether he has anything more he’d like to do with NieR in the future, to which he replied, “Nah, nothing…That’s right, we announced it here today, folks. The NieR series is now finished!”

Thankfully for fans of the series, Taro’s comments were delivered amidst amused chuckles from all three participants, and Saito swiftly followed up by saying, “That may well be proved a lie, you know?” But for now it would seem that any future plans for NieR are on hold, at least until someone gets Yoko Taro “a big ol’ pile of money.”