Yume Nikki Heads to Steam, New Project Incoming


Japanese dream exploration video game Yume Nikki (or Dream Diary in English) is not just one of the most popular indie games from Japan, it’s also a major legend across the internet. As it turns out, the game is out now on Steam thanks to Playism. And a countdown clock hints that a new title is about to arrive for the series.

Released back in 2004, Yume Nikki follows Madotsuki, a hikikomori who spends her days locked in her apartment. Instead of going outside and exploring her nearby environment, players go to sleep and wander through Madotsuki’s dreams, which have a surreal quality to them that hints at larger symbolic themes floating through her head.

Because of Yume Nikki symbolic and slightly disturbing imagery, the game quickly grew into a cult classic, especially after posters began talking about it on sites like 4chan. Since then, several memes have emerged over the years, including a meme inspired by fanart depicting Madotsuki vomiting, later called Vomit-chan.

But despite Yume Nikki’s influence on both the gaming world and the internet, fans largely did not expect the game to receive a release on Steam. Nor did any expect a new project to emerge. Yet a website with a countdown timer posted by Playism hints that “the next Yume Nikki project begins” soon enough. Heading over to the site, titled “YUMENIKKI-DREAM DIARY,” reveals that the countdown clock will end on Jan. 25 at 12am ET.

It’s unclear what’s next for Yume Nikki, but bringing the game over to Steam is certainly promising. Check back at the end of January to see where Yume Nikki is headed next, 14 years later.

H/T r/Games