Could Zelda be playable in Breath of the Wild 2?


One of the biggest and best surprises throughout all of E3 2019 was at the end of the Nintendo Direct, when a short video starring Zelda and Link travelling through a cave with Ganondorf’s body and Gannon’s corruption spreading across the cavern and Hyrule appeared, confirming that a sequel to the original Breath of the Wild was on its way.

But could we about to be able to take on the role of Zelda for the upcoming game for the first time in the main series? The teaser appeared to show a slight change to the look of Zelda, with much shorter hair than in the first game. According to MyNintendoNews, this could lead to Zelda becoming a playable character. While she was controllable in the CDI Zelda game Wand of Gamelon, the game is not considered canon in the Zelda universe.

She being playable would also a smart way to freshen up the series further. In the original, she spent the entire game containing Calamity Ganon inside Hyrule Castle. If she is as free as the trailer to the new sequel suggests, she could be free to take on the role of the hero, perhaps acting as a co-op partner to Link playing the Wizard’s role.

With the game only confirmed now as in development, it’s not likely that we will see much of this sequel for some time, especially when Breath of the Wild saw frequent delays to polish at the end of development. While it’s still a stretch at this point, playing as Zelda may not be far away from reality.