The best mods for World of Tanks (2020)

The best mods available to change the look, feel, and performance.

World of Tanks Road to Berlin VE Day 75th anniversary

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World of Tanks has become one of the most popular MMOs currently available. Interestingly, the developers of the game, Wargaming, have encouraged creating mods for the game and have been very supportive of mod developers within reason. As a result, there are numerous mods available that can change vanilla gameplay and increase personal performance. Through modding, players can customize their game to fit their needs and complement their playstyle resulting in higher damage output, more kills, and more wins. Players can also change the way their installation of the game looks and feels to make it more realistic or completely unbelievable. Here is a list of the best mods for the game.


XVM, or eXtended Visualization Mod, is an interface mod that changes your in-game HUD. The XVM also allows you to customize this interface to fit the needs of your playstyle. You can change almost everything on the screen including hit markers, vehicle markers, and player stats. XVM is possibly the most popular mod for the game. Aslain’s XVM is one of the most popular custom configurations for the mod and is included along with J1mB0’s Crosshair in Aslain’s WoT Modpack.

Guns and engines sound revival

This mod created by Zorgane changes the in-game sounds to make guns and engines sound more realistic and historically accurate. This is a revival of the mod by Gnomefather that capitalizes on the game’s current sound engine to create greater immersion. It also adds sounds for reloading and accounts for echo and distance.

J1mB0’s crosshair

If you like the standard crosshair, more power to you, a good number of players can’t stand it though. Crosshair mods are pretty common but J1mB0’s is one of the most popular. The mod might take a little getting used to but you will notice a significant improvement to your accuracy because of it. The mod gives you two aiming circles, a reload timer, and provides angles for artillery and tank destroyers. This mod can be downloaded separately or in a number of modpacks including the popular Aslain’s WoT Modpack.

Replay Manager

This mod is great if you like posting gameplay on wotreplays. It allows you to manage replays from inside the game. You can sort and search through replays easily. It also allows you to play replays back and shows the statistics of the battle to further help you find the perfect clip to post. You can also upload them directly to Wotreplays and get a link in-game. The mod’s ability to run in-game means you can post replays immediately and jump straight back into a new match letting the content flow easily.

Session Statistic

This is a really good tool for improving your personal performance in the game. Session Statistic gathers information about your gameplay for you to review. This mod adds a little more information for you in the notification center. It displays your wn8, win rate, damage output, and kills allowing you to see where you are strongest and where you need to improve. If you are new to the game or tend to jump around a lot this mod can also help you ferret out which tank and which strategy works best for you.

Camera Addons

This mod is very helpful for surveying your surroundings. It disables camera rotation limits and allows you to control camera zoom. With this mod it is possible to actually see around corners and have greater control over scoped zoom. Being able to see what is going on around you and control field of view can drastically improve gameplay. It also makes the game more comfortable for players with a background playing games with broader free look camera controls.

Team HP Bar

Knowing the total HP pool of your team can make a huge difference during the late game. This mod adds another HP bar to the top of your screen that can show you which team has an HP advantage. Tactics is an important part of WoT and your HP is an important variable for deciding whether to make an aggressive push or take a more conservative stance. Use this mod and coordinate with your team to be as effective as possible.

HD Minimaps

There are a lot of minimap mods and a lot of them can be a bit cheaty. Luckily this mod just changes the appearance of the map using sharper HD images rather than the standard using in the vanilla game. This map is a lot more pleasing to look at and is a lot clearer. This makes it a lot easier to determine locations and give call outs to your team. This is especially useful when you are playing artillery and need the extra precision.