Red Dead Online’s Bounty Hunter week will provide several cash and XP bonuses

Meanwhile, The Quick Draw Club No. 4 will soon close.

Image via Rockstar Games

Over the next week, Red Dead Online will provide several bonuses for Bounty Hunters, including an extra 50% RDO$ and Role XP boost for any Bounties they bring in, dead or alive. There will also be some notorious targets on the Bounty Board, with several Legendary and Infamous criminals listed.

Similarly, players can earn an offer that will net them 30% off the Bounty Hunter Wagon alongside 2x RDO$ and Role XP throughout the week if they complete a Bounty Hunter Free Roam Event, such as Day of Reckoning or Manhunt. Meanwhile, taking a Player Bounty will earn players tints of the Guerrero Gun Belt.

Elsewhere in Red Dead Online, The Quick Draw Club No. 4 will soon come to a close, meaning players don’t have long left to earn its rewards, such as the Duster Outfit. Also, players who purchased all four installments of The Quick Draw Club will receive access to The Halloween Pass 2 for free.

As always, there are a few discounts available in Red Dead Online this week. In particular, players will find that the Bounty Hunter and Prestigious Bounty Hunter Licenses have been reduced by five and three Gold Bars, respectively. There are also reductions on various Bounty Hunter weapons and items.