The Mega XP-2 Wireless controller in its complete form
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Moga XP-Ultra Wireless Controller Review – A Transformer For Gamers On The Go

The Moga XP-Ultra is a fantastic wireless controller for use in different situations.

The Sony DualSense and Nintendo’s Joy-Cons have a lot going for them, but they can’t match Microsoft’s controllers regarding connectivity across many devices – as most PC gamers can attest. However, those looking for a controller they can use with multiple systems in their home and on the go have a new option, as PowerA has worked with Microsoft to produce the Moga XP-Ultra wireless controller that is the first third-party wireless controller to work on Mobile, PC, and Xbox Consoles.

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The Moga XP-Ultra isn’t just compatible in terms of software, as the controller can be taken apart and adjusted like a Transformers toy to fit the user’s needs better. This makes it ideal for home use and traveling, especially for those with limited space when on the go, as the controller can be stripped down to its core with the flick of the switch and turned into a mini controller that can fit in your pocket.

Mega XP-2 Wireless Key Details

  • Developer: PowerA
  • Accessory: Controller
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Battery: 2000 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Price: $129.99 USD

What Is The Moga XP-Ultra?

Moga XP-Ultra components
Image Via PowerA

The Moga XP-Ultra is a controller for mobile devices, PC, and Xbox systems. As such, it has a layout based on the Xbox Series X/S controller, which means it has the Share button that older Xbox controllers lack. The Moga XP-Ultra connects wirelessly through Bluetooth and has an expected full charge time of around 30 hours, though it can be plugged in and used as a wired controller if necessary.

This controller is like a two-in-one, or it might be better to describe it as a Transformer. In its full form, the Moga XP-Ultra looks like an Xbox Series X controller with some additional buttons, but if you slide a switch at the bottom (near the audio jack), the hand grips come off, leaving the controller in its mini form. The mini form disconnects the remappable buttons, but everything else is still there for a roughly half-sized controller. 

On top of the standard Xbox buttons, the Moga XP-Ultra has two remappable buttons on the back and a button on the front that activates the Battery Level Meter, an LED display with four bars. When pressed, the LED bars will light up, estimating how much power remains in the controller. The Moga XP-Ultra also has rumble features in both of its forms. 

The Moga XP-Ultra also comes with a Mobile Gaming Clip, which can be used in full and mini forms. This grip clips to the controller on one end and has a sliding adjustable grip on the other, which holds your phone. In addition, two adjustable wheels let you align the phone to your preferred height.


The Moga XP-Ultra is compatible with PC, Xbox systems, and Mobile devices. Linking the controller to these devices is incredibly simple and only takes a few seconds, with PC and Mobile devices pairing it through their respective Bluetooth settings and with Xbox systems using the button on the front of the console. Unlike similar controllers, the Moga XP-Ultra doesn’t require a dedicated dongle on Xbox, and switching connectivity between devices is simple. 

The Good – A Fantastic Controller To Use Across Multiple Gaming Systems

Moga XP-2 Wireless in Mini Mode
Image Via PowerA

Like most premium controllers, the Moga XP-Ultra is sturdy and incredibly comfortable, with durable analog sticks that feel more responsive than the standard Xbox Series X/S controllers. The additional buttons are a nice bonus for those who use them, and they’re not obtrusive in any way to those who don’t. What makes this controller so good is how simple it is to connect to devices and how quickly it can transition between the different modes and attaching/removing the clip. It’s a seamless process that takes seconds to complete.

The Moga XP-Ultra would be high on the list of items I would take on an extended trip, especially if I had my work laptop and phone. The extensive battery life and the mini mode make it ideal in these circumstances, while the full mode is a high-quality controller for daily use at home.

In an era where consoles wait until the last second to warn the player about the battery on the controller dying, the Battery Level Meter is a godsend, especially as you don’t have to mess around with a system menu to learn how much power is left, as it works even when the controller is switched off. It’s such a simple concept, yet it’s an amazing addition to the Moga XP-Ultra, allowing you to find out if it needs charging before starting a game.

The Bad – The Heaviness Of The Phone In Relation To The Grip In Mini Mode

My only issue with the Moga XP-Ultra involves the mini mode when used with a phone in the grip. For the purposes of this review, I used a Samsung Galaxy A13 and played titles using Xbox Game Pass’ cloud streaming service. When the controller was in its full form, it felt comfortable to hold, and it was easy to put the setup down without fear of it falling over. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with the mini form, as the size of the controller meant that I struggled to hold up the phone while also holding the controller comfortably in instances where a game required me to use the shoulder buttons. Notably, this is less of an issue with games that primarily use the face buttons. 

The mini controller form does have its benefits, especially for someone traveling, and it’s recommended for wireless use with devices with their own stands, as it cuts down on how much you need to carry, but it’s not ideal for using a mobile phone on its own. I preferred using the full controller setup in this instance, which was way more comfortable and would be worth taking up the extra bit of space for me if I was on the go. 


There’s a lot to recommend about the Moga XP-Ultra, and much of it depends on the user’s needs. This is a fantastic choice if you need a controller for different circumstances and devices, thanks to its adaptability and flexibility. If you play a cross-progression game across multiple platforms, like Genshin Impact, this is a great choice, as you can keep using a familiar control scheme. The various modes give you all kinds of customization options and help you to never be separated from the game.

Final Score:

9 / 10

+A precision controller ideal for use with multiple devices, as it can easily be switched between them and altered to better fit the user’s current situation.
+The smaller configurations are ideal for traveling, as they take up less room than a regular sized-controller.
+The Battery Level Meter is a fantastic addition that should be on every controller.
– It can be a struggle to hold the phone up with the mini controller when playing games that rely on the shoulder buttons.

Gamepur team received a review sample for the purpose of this review.

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