The Crew 2 Review – Beautiful Cars and Lack-Luster Gameplay

The Crew 2 is the next installment in The Crew franchise. Find out if it’s worth your time by reading our full review of Ubisoft’s latest.

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The Crew 2 is a highly ambitious sequel that has upped the ante in the open world arcade racing environment. It does so by incorporating all forms of motorsports – land, sea, and air – into a single title. The problem is that while Ivory Tower did achieve their goal of including races that occur on land, sea, and in the air into their game, thereby blazing a highly unique trail in the open world racing market, they forgot to make their game stand out in any other way.

Single Player Campaign

The single player campaign is superficial to the point of being irrelevant. The concept is that your no-name and barely customizable character is participating in a diet X-Games style TV show. Your goal is to do as many crazy things as possible to gain followers and with followers comes notoriety that gains you nothing. In the world of progression based games, this is mostly just your character’s level. While I give credit to Ivory Tower for trying to make leveling up a unique experience, the fact remains that begging for likes and followers is an entirely dated concept. I would like to say that in our social media world we are beyond the “like, favorite, and subscribe” in your face days of social media marketing. Beyond the quest for social media, stardom is the tried and profoundly tired trope of the hero character blazing a path to legitimacy by participating in inherently illegal activities. Ultimately, there is no real story that you can sink your teeth into and feel part of, or feel that you are shaping your own character’s destiny through the gameplay. The so-called story is not compelling and not very interesting, and you’ll forget it in t-minus one day.