The Chiefs buckle up for the third ‘Bingle Battle’ in Gran Turismo before grand finale

Change the game with Bingle as the Chiefs play Gran Turismo with a spin.

Image via The Chiefs Esports Club (L-R Cripsy and JackoGFreak)

This article is sponsored by Bingle.

Unlike a high-performance race car, Bingle’s online service portal is easy to use, any time, any place, 24/7. With an emphasis on safety, Bingle thought it would put some gamers to the test to see how safe their driving techniques stacked up.

Who better to rise to this challenge than The Chiefs, Australia’s leading esports team? After duking it out in two previous rounds, Bingle’s “Change the Game” challenge has made a three-point turn into round three with Gran Turismo 7 and the last shot at proving who can be the safest driver.

Gran Turismo 7, the latest installment in the long-running track racing franchise, is a game focused on amassing a huge collection of cars from different decades and taking them on races across the globe. While players normally work their way through a career mode to buy some sports cars or prototype supercars, The Chiefs are sticking with the safest vehicles imaginable in an effort to stay safe while challenging each other.

Much like the last two rounds, a demerit system is at play for each challenger. Both JackoGFreak and Cripsy attempt to finish multiple laps without gaining points while also racing to come in at the highest place possible. Both will be doing their best to avoid any #MulletMadness this time around.

If you hit a car during the race? Add 10 points. If you crash? 20 points. In fact, the only way to actually lose points is to win the race, meaning all mistakes are more costly than ever. Here is how the grading system will work:

  • Hit a wall +5 points
  • Spin out/Crash +20 points
  • Car destroyed +30 points
  • Hit another racer +10 points
  • Run off track +10 points
  • Slowest lap +10 points
  • Win the race -20 points

Before the grand finale live stream, cameras were set up around JackoGFreak and Cripsy for this climactic final challenge to capture their real-time reactions during gameplay. With this being the most involved challenge of the bunch, there are intense moments of frustration and sweaty near-misses.

Watch the action in the video below.

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