Mjolnir-themed Xbox Series X sweepstakes brings Thor’s Hammer to your living room

This might be one of the coolest gaming consoles ever made.


Image via Xbox

There have been quite a lot of special edition consoles released over the years. A few of them might go down in infamy as some of the ugliest looking consoles to hit the market, while others will be looked fondly upon years down the road. Heck, some of those special editions might cost a pretty penny to collectors right now. Xbox just announced one of the coolest looking special edition consoles we have seen and it will be very hard to get one.

Over on its Twitter account, Xbox announced a giveaway for a Mjolnir-themed special edition Xbox Series X. The console is a cross promotional item for the upcoming movie Thor Love and Thunder. You can take a look at Xbox designed around Thor’s hammer in the Tweet below.

This is definitely is one of the coolest looking consoles we have seen. While it might be a little hard to find a great place to put this on your entertainment center due to the handle of the hammer sticking out quite a bit, it would still look once you find the right spot for it.

If you would like a chance to win the Mjolnir-themed console, make sure to follow the Xbox Twitter account and to retweet the Tweet from above. The promo ends on July 21 so make sure to do it before the time runs out.

The only downside about the special edition console is that it doesn’t sound like we will be able to purchase the console on its own. If Xbox does make this available to purchase to consumers later down the line, there will be many happy gamers out there that would be willing to pay.