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ASUS ROG STRIX GL553V Review - GTX 1050Ti Powered 1080p Gaming Laptop

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GTX 1050Ti for laptop, is it enough for High Quality 1080p Gaming?

Mass Effect Andromeda Review: Action Pack Galactic Adventure

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Mass Effect Andromeda Review

Visit the new Andromeda Galaxy to explore new Gold World for human settlement, but do watch out for the alien invasion in this new action pack galactic adventure game.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Review: Fun Co-op but Repetitive Gameplay

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Review

Is the Ghost Recon Wildlands open world game to which we all have been looking forward to?  Does it qualify as an absolute worthwhile experience? 

Nier Automata Review: Gear up to fight for Humanity

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Nier Automata Review

Nier Automata combines various game play environments into one, backed by a intuitive set of characters who's story defines the game objectives.

Nintendo Switch Review - Nintendo Returns To Form, Switch Offers A Feeling Of Newness

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Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch arrived worldwide on March 3. It is one of the best hybrid console, Nintendo makes a remarkable comeback after the disastrous Wii U launch. Nintendo Switch is imperfect at some places, but it does offer Newness.

Horizon Zero Dawn Review - Killer App For PS4, Simply Amazing In Every Aspect

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Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Engulf in the journey of land inhibited by fierce mechanical creatures and explore the life of protagonist Aloy to safeguard the fate of planet Earth.

For Honor Review: An Eye-Raising Action Game You All Must Experience

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For Honor Review

For Honor is a medieval era battle game polished with realistic actions, strategic warfare style backed by a captivating story mode campaign.

Nioh PS4 Review - Samurai, Spirits, Demons and Japan

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Nioh PS4 Review

Nioh is new challenging game that takes you in war ranging era of Japan infested with demons and warriors protected by their guardian spirits. The game offers vast game play compiled into challenging missions and sub-missions.

Hitman The Complete First Season Review

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Hitman Season 1 PAck

Hitman The Complete First Season is a pack of 6 Episodes with 3 Bonus mission, a documentary video based on game journey, Hitman Requiem Blood Money Pack and PS4 Exclusive The Sarajevo Six missions.

ASUS ROG G752VS Review: A decent UHD Gaming Laptop

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ASUS ROG G752VS Gaming Laptop Review

17.3inch 4K Gaming Laptop powered by Factory Over-clocked 6th Generation Core i6 Processor, 64GB RAM, 8GB Nvidia 1070 Gsync enabled GPU, 512GB NVMe SSD and 1TB Storage, is a true performance beast for every gamer.