How to prove the day is restarting in 12 Minutes

The clock is ticking.

Image via Annapurna Interactive

12 Minutes has you in a constant loop to discover what really happened in your wife’s past and if the cop’s accusations are true. But before all that, you’ll need to prove to your wife that your day is restarting over and over again. There are ways to go about this, so keep note.

The night’s a special occasion as your wife has prepared a lovely dessert for the both of you. As you dive into the food, she reveals to you that she is pregnant with a present. It has a baby’s clothing in it. Unfortunately, the cop has come in to ruin such a surprise. That present is key to prove that the day is restarting as she clearly hasn’t told you about the baby. Talk to your wife and say that you are stuck in a time loop and that you can prove it. She won’t believe you, so you need evidence.

Go to the bedroom and on the right, you’ll find a drawer. Open it. It’s quite hard to find but try to find the blue wrapping with a red bow.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Grab the present. Now, walk over to your wife, pull up the item menu and select it. Show it to her and she’ll start believing you. You may need more evidence. Hover the cursor with your right stick to the window in the living room. If you’re quick enough, she’ll say that the weather says that it would be clear and that a thunderstorm isn’t supposed to happen. If you’re too late, she’ll say that the lightning isn’t surprising as it’s raining already. Your timing is key.

If you’re successful, she’ll believe you and you can ask for more details about the cop’s allegation of her allegedly killing her father. You may need to find her watch before she says anything substantial.