Where to find the watch in 12 Minutes

Get the time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The main antagonist of 12 Minutes is a cop that barges into the player’s apartment, accuses the player’s wife of murdering her father, and demands a watch. While she doesn’t admit where the watch is, the cop is right; it is somewhere in the apartment. Here’s how you can find the watch your wife hid in 12 Minutes.

At the start of a time loop, head over to the counter and pick up the knife. After grabbing it, wait for your wife to leave the bathroom. Once she’s out of the bathroom, go in and be sure to close the door behind you. Afterward, look at the medicine cabinet on the left wall that the sleeping pills are in. The game doesn’t mark it otherwise, but right below the medicine cabinet is a small ventilation grid. Use the knife on the vent, and you can pry it open. You can also use the house keys to take the vent off, but it’s much slower.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once your character has taken the vent cover off, you can look in the vent. In the back right corner, you’ll find an unknown object, the watch. This item isn’t handy at the start of the game but comes into play later in the story.