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Warframe is filled with all kinds of interesting and unique loot, activities and challenges. In this Guide Hub you will find help with how to finish the games Quests, find and build new Warframes and Weapons, kill bosses and farm rare materials. The Guide Hub is fully searchable, and our guides are always being updated to keep up with the ever changing world of Warframe.

How To And Location Guides

  • Warframe – How To Farm Akjagara Prime Relics: The Prime Akjagara are a pair of burst-fire pistols that just happen to be festooned with rather sharp looking blades. It is a weapon that mostly focuses on Slash damage, which is still king of the hill concerning damage types. Follow this guide to know how to Farm Akjagara Prime Relics.
  • Warframe – How To Farm Mesa Prime Relics: The Relics you need to get the parts for Mesa Prime can just be farmed up in Warframe, so let’s take a look at what you need. To get your hands on Mesa Prime in Warframe, you will need the following Relics: Lith M3 – Neuroptics, Neo Z2 – Blueprint, Neo M2 – Systems, and Axi H4 – Chassis.
  • Where Is Saya In Warframe? When new Tenno first arrive at Cetus, they will have a lot of things they need to do. When they come back from completing their first Bounty, they will have the option to start the Saya’s Vigil quest. To do so, talk to Konzu and choose the “A Personal Favor” option.
  • Warframe – How To Find Eximus Enemies On Earth: As you move between planets in Warframe, you will need to perform specific tasks to open up the Rails that allow you to travel to new places. To get to Venus, you will need to kill three Eximus enemies. Follow this guide to know where and how to find the Eximus Enemies on Earth.
  • Warframe – How To Get Endo: Endo is the real Warframe end game. All the weapons in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the mods to make them sing, and those mods are powered by a resource called Endo. Endo can be earned in various ways through the game, and used to upgrade your mods via your ships systems. In this guide, I will run through the multiple ways that you can earn Endo, and a couple of concrete methods to gain a lot of it.
  • Warframe – Important Tips For Fishing On Orb Vallis: Fishing on Orb Vallis is slightly different to fishing on the Plains of Eidolon. In this guide, we will go through the various things you need to know to improve your fishing experience on Venus. Understanding the subtle aspects of fishing will increase how many fish you count, your resource farming, and your Standing gain.
  • Warframe – How To Quickly Gain Standing With Solaris? Solaris is one of the new Syndicates introduced by Warframe’s Fortuna expansion. They are the main Syndicate on Fortuna, and you use Standing with them to purchase all kinds of interesting items, from mining equipment to parts for Kitguns. Follow this guide to know how to quickly gain standing with Solaris.
  • Warframe – How To Get Mag Prime and Nova Prime Relics? The Prime Vault has opened! For a limited time, you can once again farm for Nova Prime Relics, and Mag Prime, in Warframe. If you want these Primes, then you will need to gather up the relevant Relics to get the Blueprints. Getting all the correct Blueprints will allow you to build the Warframe in your Foundry.