Papers, Please creator’s next game arrives this fall

In 2013, Lucas Pope got gamers around the world addicted to paperwork. Papers, Please was a bleak, frustrating, but compelling simulation of a border-crossing agent processing immigrants in trying times. Hopefully the papercuts on your stamping hand have all cleared up, because there’s a new stack of forms arriving this fall in the Return of […]Read More

Katamari Damacy coming to Nintendo Switch

Oh, lonely rolling star, it has been too long. The King of all Cosmos has goofed up the galaxy again, it seems, and now it’s up to Nintendo Switch players to clean up the mess. During today’s Nintendo Direct, a new version of the PlayStation 2 classic Katamari Damacy was revealed.Read More

Spider-Cop: Why people are bugged by Spider-Man’s newfound love of

Early into Marvel’s Spider-Man, Spider-Man breaks up a drug deal. It seems below his pay grade, made even stranger when Spidey quips that drugs are one of his top-five “least favorite crimes.” It’s out of place for a vigilante who regularly prevents the Lizard from mutating other people into more lizards, or stops the Juggernaut […]Read More

Yakuza developers flip to law and order in Project JUDGE

The developers behind Sega’s successful Yakuza series are taking up the other side of law and order in a surprise new game announced ahead of Tokyo Game Show. In Project JUDGE (tentative title), players will take the role of a former lawyer trying to solve crimes instead of cause them.Read More

Marvel heroes arrive in Kingdom Hearts III’s TGS trailer

Since it debuted in 2002, the Kingdom Hearts series has sought to bridge the gap between the somber sword and sorcery of Final Fantasy with Disney’s catalogue of cartoon peoples. At that point, recent Disney properties included Tarzan, Treasure Planet and the Baby Sinclair-less Dinosaur. Since then, that catalogue has expanded dramatically, now including the […]Read More

Xbox unveils “greaseproof” controller for PUBG launch

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds left early access on Xbox One earlier this week, bringing Xbox players all the maps and mayhem of the infamous skirmishes. Xbox Australia has something else in store for the anticipated launch. I don’t know why they’ve waited for now. I don’t know why they coupled it with this game. But the company […]Read More

Hitman Season 1 missions will be available in Hitman 2

When Hitman returned in 2016, it was restructured to be an episodic series, missions broken up and attempted throughout the year. Critics adored it, but the inconsistent approach to content meant that not everyone kept up and enjoyed Agent 47’s global covert killing spree. With the non-episodic sequel en route, Hitman 2, IO Interactive have […]Read More