How to take a photo of the dead groom (and get every other badge) in Mission 4 of Desperados III

No weddings and a whole bunch of funerals.

Desperados 3
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In the fourth mission in Desperados III, “Until Death Do Us Part,” you will be introduced to the fourth member of your team: Kate O’Hara. She’s a great character for getting through areas non-lethally, but in this level death and parting will come rather quickly.

Most of the level is pretty straightforward—you’ll play the first part as Kate, the second part as Cooper, and the final part with both of them—but there are some tricks you’ll need to know to get all your badges.

A photo of the dead groom

Desperados III photo of groom

By the time Kate and Cooper are united, the groom is dead. Your objective is to get out of the house, but you’re going to want to take the body of the dead groom with you in order to have a photo shoot with him later. Pick up the body from the room he was killed in and head back to the nearby balcony. Toss him over to the ground, but make sure he doesn’t land in a bush, since that will disappear the body. Have Kate and Cooper follow.

In order to take a photo of the dead groom, you’re going to have to get down to the area where Kate started the mission. To do this, clear out all the gunmen around and simply head down with the body in tow. If there are some gunmen outside of the area that you are worried about seeing you, have Kate drag the body since she can do so while crouching. Once you’ve got the body at the photo shoot staging area, just leave the body in the middle and interact with the camera.

Entering through the main balcony door with Cooper

Desperados III main balcony door

This is one of the other tricky badges in Mission 4, as there are a couple of steps you’ll have to take throughout the level. First, you’re going to have to make sure Kate unlocks the main balcony door (seen above), even though this probably isn’t the one you will be entering through. Once you’ve done so, have Cooper loop around the building till you can safely make your way up to the main balcony. It’s more dangerous, but you’ll have to do so to earn this badge.

All other badges

Most of these are pretty simple but we’ve included a few notes that will help you get the job done:

  • Don’t use a disguise.
    • You can easily get through the level just by hiding in bushes and taking out guards and gunmen as you see fit, so there is no need for using the disguise.
  • Don’t use the Gatling gun.
    • To get out of the level without using the Gatling gun, you’re going to want to head down the western side of the map and use Kate’s perfume to distract the final two longcoats guarding the main entrance as you sneak by.
  • Kill 15 guards with the Gatling gun.
    • This will require a second playthrough. Keep in mind, you’re going to want to try and limit the number of people you kill throughout most of the level, otherwise there won’t be enough by the end when you can finally operate the Gatling gun.
  • Kill everyone except for civilians.
    • Every enemy (sadly this includes the dog).
  • Speedrun: Complete the mission in under 15:00 minutes.
  • Complete the mission on Hard difficulty.