How to kill guards with rolling logs (and get every other badge) in Mission 6 of Desperados III

Ready to make the bridge in “The Bridge at Eagle Falls” fall? Here are some tips to get it done and get every badge along the way.

Desperados 3
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By the time you get to Mission 6, “The Bridge at Eagle Falls,” you might be starting to feel comfortable with your arsenal of tools and tactics for stealthy Western-style takedowns. Eagle Falls doesn’t introduce any new mechanics, and it does let you use everyone you’ve gotten to join your party up to this point in the game, but it throws you a curveball with just how many things you’re expected to do. To make matters more complicated, the bridge construction site is crawling with bad guys. It is quite the challenge but does let you have some fun in killing people creatively and earning badges.

Finding the faulty logs

Desperados III faulty logs

Finding the logs you can use to earn the “kill three guards with rolling logs” is a challenge. You can see them in the above picture, but to get to them, you’re going to have to cut down through the level once you cross the bridge for the first time. On the way, you should also pick up Kate’s disguise, as her ability to distract most guards is a real help throughout this dangerous level. Once you’ve got the dress (next to a couple of civilians by a house right beyond the bridge), head down to the lumber area. Don’t have the whole group go to the faulty logs; it’s best to just send one person to interact with them once three guards are in the fall zone.

From here, you can head further south across the map to pick up the dynamite that you’ll need to complete the mission and earn the next badge.

Dynamite from the shooting range and quarry

Desperados III shooting range dynamite

The dynamite from the shooting range (pictured above) is in the southeastern corner of the map, not far from the lumber area. The dynamite in the quarry area (pictured below) can be found in the northeastern corner of the map.

Desperados III quarry dynamite

You will have to get the dynamite from both locations to receive both badges. For each location, methodically take out everyone you need to and make sure you send McCoy in to use his lock-picking skill on the door to the shed.

Kill three guards at the same time in a quarry explosion.

Desperados III quarry explosion

You can get this badge when you’re up by the dynamite in the quarry. To trigger a quarry explosion, you’re going to want to take control of the plunger. Wait until the longcoat and two thugs are by the rock wall to the north of the plunger and trigger the explosion to take them out and earn your badge.

All other badges

  • Don’t use firearms.
    • The trickiest part of getting this badge comes early in the level when you’re crossing the bridge and encounter a longcoat. The game will prompt you with a hint that shooting him once will only stun him. However, if you’re trying to get by him without using firearms, you’re going to have to be patient and work your way across the bridge while ducking behind cover. Once you’ve taken out everyone else, stick close to his heels and follow him off the bridge to get by.
  • Kill five guards when destroying the bridge.
    • To get this badge, you’re going to have to tie up a few guards along the way. Once you’ve gotten the dynamite and have everyone in position, place the five tied up guards on the bridge and then have McCoy snipe the dynamite.
  • Speedrun: Complete the mission in under 13:20 minutes.
  • Complete the mission on Hard difficulty.