Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: Top 10 Most Fan Requested Features

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

With a new Call of Duty game about to be announced, people are instantly starting to wonder what it could and should include in order to be at least on par with Black Ops III's quality or even better, since the latest Treyarch title has not been loved by each and every CoD supporter out there.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

We've been reading a lot of players' suggestions about how this Infinity Ward-developed Call of Duty should be, especially after rumors regarding the supposed name of Infinite Warfare and the possible Modern Warfare remake or Modern Warfare Trilogy. Here's a list of the best ones, with our explanation in the effort to understand why people are asking stuff like that.

1: Call of Duty 4 – like multiplayer

It's simple – people love Modern Warfare, so why shouldn't they ask for a Call of Duty whose multiplayer looks and feels like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's? Back in the days, Modern Warfare was the first Call of Duty game set in modern times and it's still acclaimed as the best one, built by an Infinity Ward team that doesn't exist anymore (led by Respawn Entertainment's Zampella and West). Considering Infinity Ward is getting back to its roots, also thanks to the contribution of former Neversoft staffers, we could be very close to see something like that happen.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

2: Space theme

What readers and fan over the world think is: ok, we didn't like the idea of a Call of Duty going even more nuts when it comes to setting, eras and locations, but now that Activision is about to announce a Modern Warfare remaster, we are curious to see what their next move could possibly be. And the space setting rumors floating around the Internet for months are pretty intriguing.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

3: Graphics from Advanced Warfare

Graphics from Advanced Warfare could be real good stuff. People enjoyed those graphics because, although depicting a sci-fi setting, they were very realistic, had colors, buildings, weapons and characters very close, at least in terms of concept, to photorealism. Call of Duty: Black Ops III took that concept and re-proposed it only partially, so, fans believe, it would be great to see it returning at its maximum capacity in Infinite Warfare.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Graphics

4: Quality campaign

The new Call of Duty game is also required to have a good story mode. Campaigns from Treyarch have always been pretty satisfying, especially when it came to the Black Ops trilogy, while Infinity Ward has never been famous for their focus on single-player (and the late IW, formed after its founders left the studio, is surely not different). Building a good solo experience would be a great signal showing Activision cares about what supporters think and, foremost, would offer more value to them.

5: A more serious tone

One of the things people are more serious about when it comes to Call of Duty is being serious. This is the series that, more than other, is famous for having players throwing their controllers against the TV. And gamers still love that. With the arrival of zombie experience, many think, the brand has somehow lost its essence and the Awakening DLC for Black Ops III, where maps were offered with "over-the-top" colors' choices, is thought to be the symbol of this phenomenon.

6: More than two factions

Call of Duty games have always been a story where two factions were fighting against each other. Well, Infinite Warfare is seen by many gamers as a chance for the series to go beyond this "limitation", following Rainbow Six Siege's path where a lot of anti-terrorism organizations and terrorists, well, keep fighting each other, but each with their specific features and weapons and characters and all. Adding new factions would be an easy step to take, so it's something Infinity Ward could work on pretty fast.

7: More content in DLC

Since it gave upon the Elite subscription based model, Activision has adopted a new scheme with their additional content offers, which accordingly to many fans out there is too predictable and actually unable to really add something to the game. Four maps and one new Zombie map are not enough to satisfy everyone: new modes? New ideas? People would love that, it seems.

8: Third person view

While this could be something really different from what we're used to play with Call of Duty games, many users claim a third person view could reveal helpful in shaking a bit things up and remove some of the fatigue the franchise has accumulated lately. We also know Sledgehammer Games has been experimenting with a third person Call of Duty experience, so why doesn't Infinity Ward do something in that regard? Maybe a solution like Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, with third person view only activating behind cover, could be fascinating.

9: Nintendo NX port

A Nintendo NX port would not be so surprising. After all, Activision, just like many other third party publishers and developers, have always took part to new Nintendo consoles' lineups, like it happened with Wii U, just to name the latest. Of course, what gamers could be interested in would be an extended support from the franchise to that platform and, more importantly, a specific use of what the NX has to offer on both technical and gameplay side.

10: Mod tools

Mod tools are now in Alpha for Call of Duty: Black Ops III PC users. Those are among the most requested features, indeed, and people want them to be available from day one and for consoles as well. Having such a big franchise completely opened up for community and regular players to build their own maps in it, well, that would also be a great signal from the blockbuster-led industry into becoming something much more user friendly.

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