How To Get The Most Out Of Devil May Cry 5

Devils Never Cry!

Rejoice! The Devil May Cry series has finally returned. The insane combos and cheesy one-liners of everyone’s favorite demon hunter; Dante, are coming back like never before. It seems that Capcom is determined to regain the love of their fans as they continue to release stellar titles. Nevertheless, here are some tips to get the most out of the highly anticipated Devil May Cry 5.

Do It With Style!

Yes, you can treat this game like a traditional hack and slash if you want, but where’s the fun in that? There’s a style meter for a reason and you should be attempting to reach SSS any chance you get! Not only will you get a better ranking at the end of missions but it’ll allow you to purchase key upgrades even faster. All playable characters have insane arsenals for a reason and you should be experimenting with them!

No Easy Way Out!

Do not complete the game on easy and call it quits after that. Attempt to gradually master all of the difficulty settings and learn the game inside out. The rewarding aspect of this is that you’ll truly master you combos while conquering the game. Although, I should warn you that the DMC games are notorious for having crushing difficulties so good luck.


Like most games, there are hidden collectibles and powerups sprinkled across all levels. Don’t just make a mad dash for the finish line on your first playthrough. Save that mindset for repeat playthroughs where time is of the essence. Not only will you find precious collectibles but you may even discover challenge rooms that will enhance your abilities even more.

Do Not Buy Orbs

Similar to the DMC 4 Special Edition, players will be able to buy red orbs that will allow them instant access to upgrades. For love of Sparda, don’t do this—just play the game naturally and earn all of your upgrades like everyone else. The rewarding feeling of grinding for the best moves will be lost if you lazily input your credit card info to make it to the top. Do you think Dante would use his credit card for the finer things in life?!?! Wait... does Dante even have a credit card? Does he even have credit? Now that I think about it, he’s always seemingly strapped for cash so I highly doubt it.

Enjoy The Show!

No, we’re not dealing with Shakespeare, but you really should pay attention to the story! The DMC games are usually highly entertaining and the tale of DMC 5 seems no different. For longtime fans of the series, huge surprises are in store and something tells me that things won’t be the same at the conclusion of this entry.

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