10 Best Costumes Worn By Video Game Characters


In video games, some offer fun customization to change the way your character looks, whether original or entirely recreated. In games, it’s always Halloween for characters, even if the time of year is not around yet. Some are available in-game while others are DLC. And in other cases, they can be references to other video games or another form of pop culture. There are countless costumes to choose from, but we have gathered some that stand out. Here are 10 of the best costumes worn by video game characters.

10 Best Costumes Worn By Video Game Characters

Fire Emblem x Monster Hunter

Fire Emblem Crossover (Monster Hunter Frontier G)

Once Fire Emblem Awakening was released on April 19, 2012, in Japan, Monster Hunter Frontier G released a surprisingly cool collaboration with Fire Emblem themed armor, weapons, etc. Unfortunately for people outside of Japan, this was only available for Japanese copies for the Wii U. However, we can still admire how incredible the outfits look on the player character and coming with weapons that are from the Fire Emblem universe.

Peach Bayonetta

A New Nintendo Heroine (Bayonetta 2)

When the first Bayonetta originated on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the sequel would become a Nintendo exclusive. By going to Rodin’s shop and buying a Mirror, you can obtain the Fox McCloud outfit. Then with 100,000 Halos, you can buy costumes that resemble awesome Nintendo ladies such as Peach and Samus. Link and Daisy are also available, bringing in cool variety for Bayonetta’s wardrobe. That is one cool and welcoming way to be part of the Nintendo family!

SFV Poison

Zombified Fighter (Street Fighter V)

Poison has been a pretty controversial character, but that aside, she has shown beauty and strength in a fight. Street Fighter V has her in a cool costume as a zombie with a punk rock theme, and she slays in it. This look would be a great opportunity to have Capcom give more Halloween costumes to other characters like Ryu and Chun-Li. If you main Poison and crave a new look on her, she deserves this amazing DLC costume.

Arkham Knight 1989

Any Generation of Batman (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Rocksteady has been very passionate for Batman, and the Arkham games made sure they prove that. In Arkham Knight, there are DLC costumes you can buy, and they range from 60s Batman to the New 52 Batman. There are other choices, including Flashpoint and the 1989 film version! With that many costumes, you can be the Bat while also choosing which costume resonates with you from any Batman media you consumed.

Saints Row IV

Going Anime (Saints Row IV)

The Saints Row series encourages character customization to give you the ability to experience the world as yourself in Steelport/Steelwater or as an entirely original character. The fourth installment has DLC that dives into pop culture with the Anime Pack. The female costume resembles Mine from Akame ga Kill! while the male costume resembles Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. These are awesome costumes that can give your character some anime touches, or give you an excuse to have your Boss be dressed up as the characters the outfits resemble.

Tomb Raider skin

Previous Incarnations (Shadow of the Tomb Raider)

Lara Croft has changed throughout the years ever since her gaming debut in 1996. In future games, her backstory would change and go through different publishers. Some might not like the new Lara, but Shadow of the Tomb Raider brings in the nostalgia for having the ability to change into classic Lara’s throughout the series. They include Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II Bomber Jacket, and Angel of Darkness. This costume is a nice nostalgic gift the game has given to those that stuck by Lara for a long time.

Halloween Hector and Lilina

Warlock and Kitty Duo (Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword)

Fire Emblem: Heroes releases seasonal units that get popular characters into costumes. It is not just accustomed to Halloween, but also Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. This year features Halloween Hector and Lilina, who are just incredibly wholesome as the father-daughter duo for this year’s Halloween banner. Despite being a warlock and cat, respectively, they look great in their costumes and warmed the hearts of fans with their shared conversation despite the not-so-subtle power creep in the game’s meta.

Witch Jade

The Wicked Witch (Mortal Kombat 11)

To celebrate Halloween, NetherRealm Studios released DLC for three characters, which are Liu Kang, Kabal, and this entry, Jade. Jade’s witch design is gorgeous and captures the Wicked Witch inspiration. It makes the Edenian look spooky but beautiful, and that is never a bad combination for a holiday. Jade has been popular for a long time, and after being absent in Mortal Kombat X, Jade deserved an incredible Halloween costume.

Halloween Ashe

Fearsome Warlock (Overwatch)

Overwatch has a lot of Halloween skins that are incredible, such as Witch Mercy, Junkenstein, and so much more. This year, we picked Ashe as the hauntingly breathtaking warlock. Alongside B.O.B., they are awesome yet fearful at the same time. Heavily inspired by the Warlock class from World of Warcraft, Ashe and B.O.B. certainly do a great job in referencing one of Blizzard’s most popular games. It was so good that it was nearly impossible to play as Ashe before Blizzard fixed the issue.


Sans (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

For a pick like this, it seems like nothing compared to the previous entries, but with a high demand for Sans in Smash, the hype was unbelievably real when Sans got announced as a Mii Fighter costume. And you get a Megalovania remix included with the costume? That’s a treat right there! The costume is perfect as it captures the design of Sans very well, and even though he is not fully implemented with original moves, being a Mii Fighter costume was a genius idea. Out of all the Mii costumes, Sans is the absolute perfect one.