10 Best Mario Kart Items


Mario Kart’s legacy is unmistakable with the series lasting for nearly 30 years, close to the overall Mario franchise. With eight main titles, four arcade titles and a new mobile title, Mario Kart has remained one of Nintendo’s popular games for its fun concept of Nintendo characters go-karting and heading for first place. The games keep the go-kart formula fresh with the use of items from the Mario series ranging from the banana peel, green turtle shell, and the infamous blue shell. These items can make or break a player’s chance of winning. Here are the ten best Mario Kart items.

10 Best Mario Kart Items

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Red Shell

The first item to make it on the list is the Red Shell. It has a similar role to its green counterpart, but the difference is enormous. It is more accurate and will make sure to hit an opposing racer. Just as long as they don’t have another shell or the Banana Peel protecting them, you are set to make sure you are one place above the racer you hit. It might not be groundbreaking, but it is an excellent item to hold onto.

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Bob-ombs are tricky to pull off, but they are a nice item to use to throw other racers off. It is easy to dodge it, but you may never know when it can go off when moving away from it. If there is a racer behind you, using the Bob-omb on them will immediately detonate and make them and hopefully others slow down from the impact. It’s a situational item, so use it when you feel is right.

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It is always annoying having to experience the shock from someone using the Thunderbolt to shrink the racers in front of them to gain the speed advantage. It is not a common item, but when given a chance, the player will have a chance to get ahead and even squash them. It is great to have in the player’s hands but is terrible to endure when they’re affected.

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Boomerang Flower

One of the newer items, debuting in Mario Kart 8, the Boomerang Flower is a strategic item that has three chances for use. It is faster than a Green Shell while requiring precision to hit the racer in front of you. It can hit multiple racers as well, so it is a satisfying item a player will want to use carefully.

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Golden Mushroom

The Golden Mushroom made its first appearance in Mario Kart 64, and its impact has made it be a reoccurring item throughout the series. It is better than one or three Mushrooms as the player can use it as many times as they want before time is up. It can be risky if there are many curvy turns or many places to fall. This item is broken but very situational for a racer falling behind.

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Piranha Plant

The Piranha Plant is like the Golden Mushroom by giving the player a speed boost, but if there are racers in the way, they will get hit. This makes for an excellent opportunity to make sure the player is at least in third place, depending on their placement. It is something you want to avoid if you are in the lead.

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Bullet Bill

Similar to Piranha Plant, Bullet Bill gives you a boost and hits opponents who stand in the way. It is a quick item so it won’t last as long, but it is very useful as it sends the players flying. You don’t even have to put in effort since Bullet Bill moves for you. It might sound lazy on paper, but there is no doubt that this insane item has helped players in online races.

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Blue Shell

The only controversial item in the top three? There is no mistake in just how this item has ruined the hopes and dreams of players getting to first place, only to have someone near the last place get the item to destroy that chance. In rare cases, it can hit other players too, but they won’t get the big impact the racer in first place will encounter. Two items can counter the blue shell. Care to guess?

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Super Horn

Since someone in first place can’t get a Star, Mario Kart 8’s Super Horn is one of the most excellent items implemented. This is an item you need to time perfectly if you are aware that someone has the Blue Shell. Despite its short timing, it is a capable item that will protect the racer from any impending danger.

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Just like how it is in the Mario franchise, the Star is easily the best item you can get in a Mario Kart game. The concept is simple: use it, gain invincibility, harm anyone you touch, and enhanced speed. The Star will remain as the best item because of its effectiveness and changing the tides in-game, whether against computers or real-life players online.