10 Pokémon We Hope Are Cut In Sword And Shield

Photo via Nintendo

Pokémon is nearing over 1000 species throughout its games ever since 1996. However, with the upcoming release of Pokémon Sword And Shield, we will not be catching them all this time. This decision caused a big controversy that upset fans all around the world. But if we think about it, there are some Pokémon who do not have any relevance being in Galar. Some have wasted potential or take up too much space, giving the Galar region a chance to have its Pokémon have the spotlight in the eighth generation.

There are questionable choices for Pokémon that are in the game, like the easily forgettable Maractus from the Unova region. That decision shows that anyone is game to appear in Sword and Shield, but we gathered a list that should not appear at all.

Here are 10 Pokémon we hope that won’t make an appearance in Sword and Shield.

10 Pokémon We Hope Get Cut In Sword And Shield

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Stantler is one of those Pokémon that have a universal design and yet, somehow made it into the final version of Gold, Silver, and Crystal. We wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t any fans of this Pokémon since it is utterly forgettable at best. Plus, there is Sawsbuck, who is leagues ahead of this reindeer.

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There is a trend with some Pokémon on this list, and Spinda has one. Unfortunately, that is its only relevance in Pokémon. There are millions of patterns this Pokémon can have. But is that necessary for Sword and Shield? Without a doubt, no.

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While the Unova Pokémon have some fantastic designs, Cryogonal is a giant snowflake and nothing else. It would feel like a waste of space to add this Pokémon, and we all can agree on that. It is tough even to consider how Cryogonal can add relevance by its inclusion in Galar.

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Unown played a considerable part in the third Pokémon movie, but in the games, they are gimmicky and take up a lot of space. Having 28 forms does not make Unown unique. It is safe to assume that Unown will not return in Sword and Shield.

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Gumshoos has become a meme due to looking like a controversial politician, but that’s beside the point. Because there will be a rodent-type Pokémon, Gumshoos would feel out of place. Then again, Linoone did get an evolution for its Galar form, but we hope that this one won’t return.

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This Rock and Fairy-type Pokémon is another waste of space because there is a legendary Pokémon that outclasses it in every way possible. Its existence is only relevant because of Diancie, but since the sixth-generation legendary won’t have a part in Sword and Shield, Carbink would be a bizarre choice in Galar’s Pokédex. If Game Freak does put this Pokémon in the games, we will have questions.

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Out of all the Pokémon on this list, Phione’s existence is honestly not of any relevance. You can receive it by breeding a Manaphy. We see no point in having a Pokémon that comes from a legendary but cannot evolve into it. It honestly should have stayed on the drawing board.

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Furfrou might have made it into the Alolan Pokédex, but we see no need for this canine in the Galar region. It does have a unique mechanic in changing its hairstyle, but we would rather customize our playable characters. And with the adorable Yamper, we already have a strong dog in our party.

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We bet that all of the Pokémon fanbases agree about Luvdisc’s role in the games. No one uses it in-game, competitively, or anything. It doesn’t help that it could have had the potential to evolve into Alomomola because of how similar they look, but that never came to be. Therefore, coupled with its unnecessary spot in the overall Pokédex, Luvdisc is a natural choice to not put in Sword and Shield.

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The one and only Dunsparce quickly have the wasted potential of becoming something great. But even after six generations later after its debut, it has been nothing but Pokédex space. It has a unique design, though its Normal typing is disappointing. Dunsparce is the one that should not at all costs be in Sword and Shield, but if it somehow does, Game Freak better find a way to make it or its possible evolution game-breaking.