The 5 Legends we want to see in UFC 4

Which stars of the past should be included in UFC 4?

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UFC 4 will launch worldwide on Aug. 14, and it’s safe to say there are a lot of people in the MMA world that are excited about the release. It’s exciting to think about the potential legends that may be in the latest installment of the UFC franchise. UFC 3 featured several legendary men and women of the cage, including Royce Gracie, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, and Ronda Rousey, and we already know of one legend that will be in UFC 4, Kimbo Slice.

But who else should be a legend that should be included in UFC 4? Let’s go over five legends we think should be in the latest UFC title.

Ken Shamrock

One of the first fighters to compete in the UFC, Ken Shamrock, had quite the decorated fighting career. Shamrock dubbed the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Man’ thanks to his fighting prowess, amassed 28 wins in his MMA career, and defeated Bas Rutten, Dan Severn, and Maurice Smith. From lethal strikes to powerful chokeholds, Shamrock had it all, and it would be very interesting to see how he could stack up in the Octagon against some of the best in today’s UFC.

Randy Couture

Nicknamed ‘The Natural,’ Randy Couture was an NCAA wrestling champion and a former sergeant of the U.S. military before joining the UFC. Couture’s strength and wrestling background was a major asset for him, as ‘The Natural’ won 19 fights in his MMA career, and his run in the UFC included three UFC Heavyweight title reigns. Could a Randy Couture in his prime stack up to the likes of Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic? Who knows, but you may be able to find out the answer in UFC 4 should Couture be in the game.

Dan Severn

Any conversation that involves legendary UFC fighters must include Dan Severn. Nicknamed ‘The Beast,’ Severn didn’t compete in his first UFC match until he was 36 years old. Despite that, the former Arizona State wrestler amassed a whopping 101 wins in his MMA career and played a massive role in putting the UFC on the map. Also, to his MMA bouts, Severn was an accomplished professional wrestler in his own right, as he held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in the 1990s.

‘The Beast’ practically did it all in the UFC, and it would be fun to see him in virtual action against the stars of today. And there’s a good chance that he will be included in the upcoming UFC game since Severn was a playable character in UFC 3. Let’s just hope that EA is willing to unleash ‘The Beast’ in UFC 4.

Brock Lesnar

Most people probably know Brock Lesnar from his WWE days. A former WWE Champion, Lesnar was well known in the professional wrestling world before entering the UFC, but he was also a talented amateur wrestler in college. The man known as the ‘Next Big Thing’ went 106-5 during his NCAA wrestling career, and Lesnar’s time at the University of Minnesota culminated in 2000 when he took home the NCAA Wrestling Championship. Lesnar’s wrestling prowess helped guide him to numerous victories in the UFC, including on November 15, 2008, when Lesnar shocked the MMA world and defeated Randy Couture to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

While he may have been a divisive figure in the UFC, it can’t be denied that he was a big draw and a powerhouse in the Octagon when healthy. And his status as a legendary fighter should land him a spot in UFC 4. Maybe then we could actually see the Lesnar/Cormier fight that many have wanted for years.

Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez, like many before him, started out as a wrestler in the NCAA. In fact, Velasquez spent his college years wrestling at Arizona State University, the same school that produced Dan Severn. After his wrestling career was over, Velasquez transitioned to mixed martial arts, and the California native entered the UFC in 2006. Velasquez won his first nine fights in the UFC, and his winning streak culminated at UFC 121, where he defeated Brock Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Velasquez, who is now officially retired from MMA competition, is still considered by many, including UFC announcer Joe Rogan, to be one of the best heavyweight fighters of all-time. Adding him to UFC 4 as a legend would undoubtedly be a great way to honor the former UFC champion and see how Velasquez could stack up in his prime against the heavyweights of today.