Anthem Console Crash Fix: BioWare to Make ‘Significant Changes’

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Anthem players have been experiencing numerous bugs and glitches since the game’s release, with some PlayStation 4 players reporting that their console stopped working after a hard crash from the game.

Since the game’s release, a patch has been put out by BioWare and Electronic Arts to address a lot of the issues with the game, but there hasn’t been a definite confirmation that the specific glitch that causes the console to stop functioning correctly has been fixed.

According to Bioware, no consoles were officially “bricked” due to the game, meaning that no console completely stopped working.

“After thorough review, we have not encountered an instance where Anthem has ‘bricked’ a PS4 console,” Chad Robertson of Bioware stated in a tweet. “If you are experiencing anything different, please reach out to Electronic Arts so we can track the incident and investigate. Thanks for your patience.”

Regardless of the patch, some players are still experiencing hard crashes with the game. While waiting for the patch to fix the issue, several players have troubleshooted the problem and came up with some fixes for the glitch.

Discovered by a poster on Reddit, the glitch doesn’t actually render the console “bricked,” just that it makes it temporarily unusable.

The most popular way to put your PlayStation 4 back into working condition is to rebuild the database of the console by putting the console into safe mode by holding the power button for several seconds, until two beeps are heard. Then, users can select “rebuild database” from the menu. After the console finishes processing, the console should be working again.

Even though the hard crashes of Anthem don’t appear to be “bricking” consoles, users are still skeptical, and since the patch dropped last Saturday, both BioWare and Electronic Arts have been relatively quiet for the most part. Fans are still not pleased due to the loot system present in the game.

On March 9 (the day the patch was released), Chad Robertson took to Twitter again to tell fans that “significant changes” are coming to the game, and that their goal is to give the players the best experience possible.