The 6 Worst Kind Of Apex Legends Teammates


Apex Legends continues to dominate the gaming world as the hottest BR (battle royale) game on the market. Countless gamers have been drawn like moths to the BR flame, and more players are entering into the fray this very second. However, not all of these would be warriors are the sharpest tools in the shed.

The 6 Worst Kind Of Apex Legends Teammates

Here are some of the worst examples of terrible Apex Legends teammates.

There’s a Jumpmaster For A Reason…

So you queued up for your next round of Apex Legends, and you finally loaded into the match? Everyone picks their favorite legend, and you’re lucky enough to be the Jumpmaster? The match loads up, and one of your teammates selects a seemingly safe landing zone that’s usually less populated than other locations. Your team begins to freefall, and your teammate marks the location again to assure the team. All is going to plan until, until somebody decides to become a lone wolf. Suddenly your third teammates separate from the group and heads directly onto the highly contested dropship.

Yes, your lone-wolf teammate dies in thirty seconds flat, and you’re forced to finish the match with a two-person team. Despite the game featuring the innovative Jumpmaster mechanic, some players still feel like they can solo an enemy squad. While it’s possible to succeed with a two-man squad, you’ll be at a disadvantage in every fight. So while you shouldn’t exit the game when a lone wolf is in your squad, I’d highly advise using a stealthy playstyle to compete with enemy squads.

Please Stop Taking All The Loot!

Sometimes I question if certain teammates know that this is a team focused BR game. You’d think that certain players would want their squadmates also to be geared up, but sadly you’d be mistaken. If only I had a dollar for every time my squad dropped into an area with plenty of loot, but a certain hoarder on my squad kept picking up all the ammo, guns, and items. Sometimes I can’t even tell if they’re trying to be toxic or don’t understand the basic concepts of BR game. Sure I’ll usually find a gun of my own sooner or later, but quite often I’ll be forced to flex my martial arts until the Apex gods bless me with a gun.

Umm…A little Help?

Hey…I know that was a tough fight and everything, but I kind of died. If it’s not too much trouble would you mind….oh, you’re going to loot the enemy bodies instead? Oh, take your time, it’s not like this game features a mechanic that allows allies to be revived. Hey, umm my timer is about out, could you possibly, oh you found another supply and need to loot it? You’d be surprised how often that scenario happens above. Again, I can’t tell if clueless players like this are toxic or ignorant to the core mechanics of the game. Whatever the case, their incompetence usually leads to defeat.

So Close…But Yet So Far

Hey picture this, you’ve made it into the top five squads of the game! Your team is geared up for anything, and you’ve secured a decent vantage point. Victory seems close and highly likely until poor human judgment comes into play. Across the way, you spot perhaps two squads duking it out amongst themselves. Now the average strategist would probably allow the enemies to sort themselves out and pick off the remaining stragglers at a more appropriate time. However, you happen to be playing with a below average war tactician, and things are about to go array.

So your genius of a teammate decides to reveal your location by sending dozens of poorly timed and aimed shots at the enemies squads who are to concerned with each other to care. Meanwhile, unannounced to you, your amazing teammate has lured the attention of another squad creeping up on your flank and well…I’m sure you know the rest. The point is that no matter how well implemented the systems of a game may be, there’s always going to be an idiot to screw it up!

The More The Merrier!

Yeah, I’m sure we’ll find plenty of resources at the spot with four other squads landing there. Yup, there’s no chance that someone with a peacekeeper shotgun is going to blow my face with as soon as I touch the ground. That isolated spot with no one else landing? That place was too dull and safe; we need to go somewhere where there’s a high probability that’ll we’ll be sent back to the main menu. If we’re lucky, we can even become the first blood of the match and have that distinguished title on our records!

Those Without Pride…

These souls are the worst for quite the opposite reasons above. No, they don’t lack skill or brain cells…no they’re worst than that. These are the people that are perhaps too good. Sometimes they’ll wind up on your team, and sometimes they’ll be the reigning champions at the start of the match. These are the….”No-Lifers”. Who is considered an NL? Well for starters, if you have over 1000 kills and the game was released (at the time of me writing this) two days ago, then you may be a top candidate. Sure we all sink countless hours into the hobby we love; gaming, these individuals are on another level! Maybe it’s a sense of envy, jealous, and pity all wrapped into one but the mere fact that I’ve seen countless players with high stats like this only a few days after release is astonishing and terrifying. You may be asking, “Why is this a bad thing if they’re on your team?” Well for one, even if your squad stomps out the competition and secures the win with minor adversity, you’ll still feel dirty inside. Well, at least I would, but maybe that’s just me…