Ark: Genesis | Release Date, Features, Rumors, and More

Studio Wildcard’s survival simulation game, Ark: Survival Evolved, has another DLC on the way. Ark: Genesis is the latest installment in the Ark narrative. Genesis is a whole new world for Ark, with volcanoes, massive turtles, and huge snowy biomes, there is going to be a lot to explore and more to tame.

Ark: Genesis | Everything You Need To Know

A Brief History

Ark teased their latest DLC with a website dedicated to the countdown. Although going to the page now redirects users to the teaser trailer on Ark’s official YouTube. The teaser originally was a Tek like structure with a code on the side, that many spent time decoding, and a countdown timer.

The trailer was released once the timer reached zero.

Trailer and Release Date

ARK: Genesis Announcement Trailer

Continue your quest for survival and unlock a whole new chapter in the saga of ARK: Survival Evolved with the ARK: Genesis Season Pass! This Season Pass gives you access to two new huge expansion packs and one exclusive in-game cosmetic pet.

The trailer released August 8. Helena, one of the biologists studying Ark’s wildlife in the story, introduces us to the next installment and the new companion HLN-A. It progresses through basic Ark scenes, from taming, to fighting strong enemies, to generally illustrating the upcoming biomes. It shifts to showcasing the new content suddenly: showing off the upcoming lava lizard and the shapeshifter.

Ark: Genesis is a season pass. The first installment will be available in December 2019. The second will be available in winter 2020. However, if preordered now, the digital companion HLN-A is available in game now as a bonus.


In a developer livestream on Twitch, Wildcard talked in depth about the upcoming DLC. In terms of storyline, it does take place sometime after Extinction, even if some rumors were circulating about a prequel. As far as when exactly, that’s vague. Developers stated that it doesn’t pick up right after Extinction left off but “integrates well” with the lore. Whatever that is intended to mean.

There are a lot of odd details present, or not present in some cases that will be resolved as the lore progresses. It’s very different, yet canon, from other Arks. The player, as many have pointed out, doesn’t have a specimen implant nor a scar.

The premise is that Helena, the digital projection seen in the trailer, cannot follow us to the new region. As a result, she accompanies us as HLN-A. The developers describe her as both a companion and as a source of “missions and goals.” She also has a few extra features like a light and some cute emojis that display over her screen.

On that note, there are missions and goals to accomplish in this DLC! It’s somewhat vague, but developers liken it to the orbital supply drops from Extinction and reference them as a foundation for the eventual missions.

The Tek claws were addressed briefly in the livestream. They’re a melee weapon that will have some different character animations. Since players don’t have an implant, this is the new, fun alternative, in a way. With each hit, the player gets faster and faster hits. The difficulty will be keeping track of your target.


The livestream also addressed the new maps. Yes, maps. Plural. Genesis part one and part two will both have new maps. While part two hasn’t yet been addressed, developers did talk about what to expect from part one.

This is a simulation, so it is different from other, previous Arks, and allowed the developers to be a little more creative. Planned biomes include a snowy mountain region and huge active volcano area. Plus, a massive open water biome. The developers note that water biome is a real biome this time, not just “window dressing.”

Giant turtle with the base on its back


There are three known creatures, although as the developers state, there are no official names for them as of yet. The first is the lava lizard or magma drake. It’s shown in the video as a giant lava-dwelling drake. It’s also adorable. According to the developers, the lava lizard will be tamable and rideable. It can swim through lava but doesn’t do so well in water. It’s the “first actual siege dino.” It’s a mobile forge, can shoot projectiles of magma, and an AOE (area of effect) attack and project lava around him if attacked from behind.

The shapeshifter is that adorable gremlin like shoulder pet. Yes, the one that goes from a cute chinchilla friend to horrific werewolf. Upon eating element, it transforms. And, according to the developers, the transformation sequence plays out in the game. The animation sequence wasn’t just for the trailer.

Finally, the one everyone is excited for, the giant tortoise. Comments on the DLC already talk about this guy. This giant turtle acts as a mobile base and is huge. It is a permanent tame and is a “submersible raft.” The shell is described as a “fertile ground” and will spawn resources. And thanks to all that vegetation on its back, it produces a breathable bubble over its shell upon going underwater. Tek suits and scuba gear are not necessary thanks to the giant turtle. He has some “fun animations” as well.


The main rumor circling this DLC is where exactly it lines up in the story of Ark. Given the name and the lack of implant, many strongly suspect that it’s a prequel to the previous events. The developer livestream seemed to scoff at that idea but also shushed for possible spoilers. It seems the answer to this question will be revealed either as we get closer to the release date or through exploration and gameplay lore.

That about wraps up everything major we got from the livestream and trailer. The first part of the DLC will be available December 2019 with the second installment following a year later.

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