Bede Fanart Showcase – Pokemon Shield and Sword

The newest trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield showed off two new rivals for the main character. And naturally, artists can’t resist. Marnie and Bede, like the Gym Leaders released before them, have fanart piling up before them.

Marnie may have the fanclub, but Bede is getting some fans of his own. With his fluffy blond hair and his apparent snobbish persona, Bede has earned quite the array of styles and moods.

This portrait by @sheepish_rue captures Bede’s superior attitude while giving him a beautiful smile.

As with all Trainers, drawing them with their signature partner is a popular choice. Bede’s partner from the trailer is Duosion, the second form of Solosis, the mitosis Pokémon. This one by @pinkgermany does just that, giving both equal attention to detail.

Here’s another one featuring both Bede and his Duosion, this time by @thresershark and a chibi. Both are adorable, with Bede’s smug smile and Duosion’s absolute delight.

Taking the partner Pokémon feature one step further is artist @Catatune. Far more menacing than Duosion is its final form Reuniclus ready to fight with this equally intimidating rendition of Bede.

Not a portrait, but still one of my favorites is this little comic by @senchansart. I’m a sucker for a good “My father will hear about this!” reference. Let’s be honest here, that’s what we’re expecting from Bede.

As with Marnie, it’s only the first day following the trailer. More art is surfacing every second because fan artists are amazing people that work very fast. If you’d like to see more, look through the Bede tag on Twitter or visit the artists. Or both!