The 10 best Animal Crossing: New Horizons cosplays

Creative fans recreate their favorite characters.

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Image via Nintendo

Conventions and gatherings may be cancelled due to the novel coronavirus, but cosplayers are as creative as ever. Thanks to the booming success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the abundant free time many people have thanks to the virus, cosplayers are using their skills to recreate their favorite Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters online. 

We found 10 superb cosplays, five from Twitter and five from Instagram, listed in no particular order. Of course, these aren’t the only good cosplays on either platform. May other talented artists exist and thrive on social media. We tried to avoid duplicating characters in our list, otherwise we’d just have a “best Raymond cosplay” topic instead. 

Audie by @aqualarious

To start off is Twitter user Aqualarious’ Audie cosplay. The use of make-up and the dress bring the cosplay together. Audie is a peppy villager introduced in New Horizons. A very popular choice for villagers, but we did not find a lot of cosplays for her. 

Diva by @ChikakoCosplay

Our next excellent cosplay is from ChikakoCosplay on Twitter. This user took suggestions for characters and ended up with Diva, a sisterly frog villager. This already sounded hard to recreate. Unlike mammal characters like wolves or cats, there are no options for ears to make the character more recognizable. ChikakoCosplay did a fantastic job, utilizing make-up to bring the character to life. 

Kicks by @geheichou

This Kicks cosplay from Geheichou captures the character’s role and personality. The artistic lighting brings the character to life. Kicks is a special character that visits the player’s island during the week with his wears, which include shoes, socks, and bags. 

C.J. by @sinseibad

Sinseibad on Twitter was inspired by a “closet challenge” where cosplayers would recreate characters using only what they had in their closet. Sinseibad chose to cosplay C.J., the fish enthusiast and streamer from New Horizons. The cosplay turned out very well and the challenge added an extra layer of creativity.

Bob by @milkpinkk

Twitter user Milkpinkk’s Bob cosplay is an adorable at-home photo. Bob is a spotted purple cat that has a long history in Animal Crossing. Potentially one of the earliest, if not the first, created for the game, Bob has shown up in every Animal Crossing game. 

Judy by @bluespicelatte

Our first Instagram cosplayer is Bluespicelatte, cosplaying Judy. We love this cosplay. The colors, the make-up, the use of glitter all come together to make an adorable, successful cosplay. It’s all very well done and very charming. Judy is a cub villager introduced in New Horizons. She doesn’t often get the attention she deserves from fans as she is overshadowed by Raymond. 

Raymond by @v.u.noxcraft

Speaking of Raymond, V.U.Noxcraft on Instagram has a spectacular Raymond cosplay, complete with a brief look at their process. Raymond was introduced in New Horizons and has dwarfed every other villager in terms of sheer popularity. The previous king of popularity was Marshal, and he still sells for a lot of money, real world or in game. Raymond is a difficult one to cosplay due to his mismatched eyes, but V.U.Noxcraft did very well, both capturing his personality and adapting his appearance.

Ankha by @clemmu

Instagram user Clemmu pays homage to another popular cat villager with her Ankha cosplay. Ankha is a snooty cat villager with an Egyptian theme. Clemmu’s cosplay does a good job of making the character both recognizable and unique. 

Isabelle by @orangecorgi_jess

It wouldn’t be Animal Crossing without Isabelle. Instagram user Orangecorgi_jess faithfully brings Isabelle into the real world. We love the trend of keeping animal features in cosplays with black noses, or cat-like mouths, and creative ears and hair. 

Wilbur by @4thalulz

Our final cosplay is from 4thalulz on Instagram with their Wilbur cosplay. We like how human 4thalulz went with their cosplay. The pose is animated with a lot of personality. We also really like the hair. 

These are only ten of some amazing cosplays out there on social media. Many users are working on their own closet challenge and making costumes out of what they have on hand. If you enjoyed these, leave a like on the artists’ pages.