The best Helltaker Cerberus fan art

One soul in three bodies is remarkably fun to draw.

Image via Vanripper

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Helltaker took a massive, three-headed dog that guarded the gates of Hell, and turned it into adorable triple demon girls. Cerberus is a group of three demon girls sharing one soul that controls all three bodies. The player encounters them early and while they’re shown to be excitable with a happy-go-lucky attitude, they are still Cerberus, the demon dog of hell with the malice that goes with the title. 

We’ve gathered the best art of Cerberus on Twitter. Thanks to those cute puppy ears and the connection to the greek mythological canine, Cerberus is a popular choice among fanartists. The pieces here are not in any order, as we don’t want to rank the works and compare them to each other.


Colodraws has a charming style, utilizing large eyes and muted colors to add a level of creepiness to the setting. The wide eyes, while cute, remind everyone that they’re demons under that sweet exterior. 


Kumaartsu kept a painterly look to the image. The portrait shows all three with smiles fitting their happy nature. We really love the colors used in the shadows here to bring some extra depth to the image.


Pixel work is different from the other pieces featured here. It’s a piece by piece process that slowly crafts the entire image. The effort put in shines in the result. We love the choice of colors, adding a soft red over the entire picture, fitting the theme and game. 


This image doesn’t focus on Cerberus’ happy-go-lucky persona, but instead adds a layer of mischief and maliciousness that befits a demon girl of the name. The use of shadows that slowly increase over each girl really frames the first one and adds extra visual interest.


Each version of Cerberus is unique and different, featuring a different pose and expression. We love the soft lighting that illuminates their hair and ears while slowly darkening over the rest of the body. In addition to Twitter, Kithera can be found on Pixiv


First, framing it, literally, as a selfie is cute and clever. We really love the screenshot look it has, as if we are seeing it through the phone, not as a completed selfie. The difference in each girl while still having the same overall mood is well done. The thick, but painted, lines are creative with a lot of visual interest in it. 

These amazing works of art are only some of the ones out there. Be sure to check the tags for more creativity and give other artists some well deserved praise.